“Umoja Afro Kids Day”: Afro

Afro Kids Day (poster) The Panafrican-Umoja League is launching, on September 24, 2022, a new concept: “Umoja Afro Kids Day*”. This is a day dedicated to children and Afrocentric education, in partnership with the Front de Mères. The Verdragon space, located at 14, rue de l’Épine prolonged, in Bagnolet (93170) was chosen as the setting … Read more

In Havana, I Colloquium on Afro

The gaps and inequalities that remain in society for women of African descent, the need to complement universal policies with specific affirmative actions, programs against racism and discrimination and for the advancement of women as an opportunity, are some of the topics of the I Colloquium on Women, which meets in Havana. Integrated into the … Read more

Report on actions in the process of Consultation with Indigenous Peoples and Afro

This consultation will take place in 72 venues, with 4 regional forums, in 24 municipalities consulted and 66 communities in the municipality of Tanlajás. San Luis Potosí, SLP.- Deputies and deputies met with members of Section 26 of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) to report on the actions that will be carried … Read more