In Alicante, the French Lycée ordered to reimburse part of the school fees collected during the pandemic

The French School of Alicante, run by the French Secular Mission, was sued in regional court by the parents of one of its students after they refused to pay fees for the 2019/20 school year, alleging that educational continuity had not been ensured. For these parents, the implementation of distance learning was a break in … Read more

The Alicante school that uses video games in the classroom to improve the performance of its students

video games and school. A combination that at first glance may seem counterproductive and, nevertheless, contributes a lot to the cognitive and academic development of students. This is demonstrated by the results obtained by its application in El Limonar International School Villamartin, San Miguel de Salinas (Alicante), and that during this week he has attended … Read more

A school in Alicante launches a toy collection campaign and vetoes Disney toys


“Give a second life to your toys also stories (not from Disney, not sexist)“. This is the message with which the association of mothers and fathers of students from the Voramar school in the city of Alicante has coordinated the campaign to collect material for two-year-olds. “School needs you!” It was the claim with which … Read more

Schools and institutes on the beaches of Alicante: “Not one more barracks!”


Not a single barracks more!. The cry is general among the families of the schools and institutes in the beach area from Alicante. School enrollment on the beaches has already broken the seams of the centers. In two of the institutes of this school district the evolution has been such that They already add students … Read more

Educational chaos on the San Juan Beach in Alicante: 7 schools and 3 institutes mobilized in front of the Consell


Five years ago it should have started the construction of the La Almadraba Public School in Alicante (in the area of ​​Playa de San Juan). Since then, its kindergarten and primary students receive classes in prefabricated classrooms (formerly called barracks) in facilities of Foreign Radio Institutein the same area. The City Council ceded the plot, … Read more

The Official College of Social Graduates of the province of Alicante celebrates the institutional act with the swearing


On Friday, the Institutional Act of the Official Association of Social Graduates of the province of Alicante was held with the swearing-in of the new members. At the same time, the bronze and silver medals were awarded for professional merit for the uninterrupted work of 15 and 25 years, respectively. At the same time, the … Read more

What new challenges are faced by the Professional Associations of the province of Alicante?


What do professional associations offer to new members? How have they adapted to the new reality? What new challenges are they facing? These were some of the issues that were addressed at the breakfast-colloquium held in the INFORMATION newspaper last Thursday, which was attended by Herman Blackpresident of Official College of Physicians of Alicante; Carmelo … Read more

From vampire fangs to minotaur, Alicante prepares for Halloween costumes


Scary clowns and vampires or a minotaur? The halloween costume parties are held in the next seven days and the shops in the province of Alicante are waiting the last minute purchases with which children and adolescents will prepare this year. “We never know what you are going to sell. What you least expect is … Read more

35 professional associations in the Professional Union of Alicante


The Union of Professional Associations of Alicante brings together 35 professional associationswith headquarters or delegation in the province of Alicante, which, in turn, welcomes more than 40,000 collegiate professionals. The essential objectives are to promote the values ​​of the collegiate institution, coordinate actions of common interest and provide services to society, relying on the technical … Read more

School in Alicante to convert the residents of the North Zone into health agents


The healthy living school started with the aim of becoming social health agents to the neighbors and neighbors of the North area of ​​Alicante. It’s about a Community project in which they collaborate thirty professionals of different institutions that watch over the health education as a tool to improve the quality of life of the … Read more