The Government wants to pay the “merit” by canceling schools and staff, Anief disagrees: tomorrow the Budget Law arrives in the Chamber which does not give money to Education and wants to enhance teachers and ATA by cutting expenses

Not even one euro for the renewal of the 2022-24 contract in the school sector, on the other hand, the policy of cuts, begun in 2008 by the last Berlusconi government, which cancels hundreds of autonomous schools, presidencies and directorates of general and administrative services, returns from 2024. Not even one euro for the renewal … Read more

Teacher card denied to a precarious girl for 5 years, the Court of Trani assigns him 2,500 euros. Anief: falls within the “recognition of the pre

The substitute teacher must be assigned the “Teacher card” and the relative bonus of 500 euros for each school year in which he worked: if it is a matter of five years of substitute work, then the reimbursement will be equal to 2,500 euros. This was confirmed by the Trani Labor Court examining the appeal … Read more

A year of unused leave is worth almost a thousand euros, the Modena judge orders the Ministry to pay it to the teacher who filed an appeal with Anief

A year of substitutes is equivalent to almost a thousand euros of holidays. If the school administration does not give them to the teacher, then the judge will take care of it. This also happened in the case of a teacher in service in Emilia Romagna who, after working as a precarious worker in the … Read more

The Government is preparing to cut funds from the school, Pacifico (Anief): an unacceptable hypothesis, they had promised the opposite, the mobilization would go to the very strong protest

Yesterday’s Council of Ministers not only approved the redefinition of various ministries, including that of Education which incorporates Merit, but also the line that the Government intends to implement in view of the imminent presentation of the Budget Law: the priority to be financed , said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni with the consent of her … Read more

Private temporary workers of 170 euros per month, Anief: in Cosenza the Court returns to a teacher the 3 thousand euros unduly subtracted from her salaries for non

It is well established that the temporary substitute teacher, hired for substitute reasons, even for short periods, renders “a service equivalent to that of the substituted worker” and that for “the principle of non-discrimination, sanctioned by clause no. 4 of the Framework Agreement CES, UNICE, CEEP on fixed-term work annexed to the European Council Directive … Read more

Teacher card 500 euros to temporary workers, even the Marsala judge agrees. Anief wins appeal

Judgments continue to arrive on a daily basis from North to South Italy that oblige the Ministry of Education to reimburse precarious teachers for the failure to assign them the teacher’s card of 500 euros per year. This time – after four o’clock in Vercelli – to pronounce, just three days ago, the Civil and … Read more

Meloni takes office and immediately the CdM to respond to emergencies: there are also those of the School. Pacifico (Anief) says where to intervene: contract, temporary workers, Pnrr reform, staff

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni took office today in Palazzo Chigi and then chaired the first Council of Ministers of her government which could produce the first emergency measures: among these, they must also be adopted for the school, where the new minister has arrived. of the Instruction Giuseppe Valditara. To ask forcefully is Marcello Pacifico, … Read more

Aran school contract renewal, Pacifico (Anief):

Aran renewal of school contract: a new one was made match which seems to have ended with a stalemate regarding the renewal of the national collective agreement for personnel of the Education, University and Research sector for the years 2019-2021. Yesterday, Tuesday 18 October 2022, the negotiation and, in particular, during the meeting at Aran … Read more

Aid decree bis, Anief: the Chamber on the proposal of the Government rejects any amendment except on the waiver of salaries in the PA

Once again ignore the requests for help from the school world. The text returns in third reading to the Senate. After the event promoted by ANIEF National Association of Teachers and Trainers, on August 30, some changes compared to the original text were approved in the Senate that do not respond to urgencies, including the … Read more