Power cuts: local elected officials are concerned about power cuts announced too late

With the cold setting in over the country, the probability of scheduled power cuts is increasing given the country’s insufficient production capacity. Power cuts that worry local elected officials, particularly with regard to unprotected activities. First example with the potential closings of schools which could undergo up to three power cuts in all during the … Read more

Conferences against gender violence and for human rights are announced (+ Photos and Video) • Workers

The National Center for Sexual Education (Cenesex) announced at a press conference on November 23 the objectives and main activities of the Days against gender violence and for human rights, which take place every year between November 25 and November 10. december. This edition has the objective of strengthening the capacities of social actors and … Read more

Gustavo Petro announced that high school students will be able to learn “2 years of university” before graduating


In the image, the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, who announced the changes that would come in basic secondary education. Photo: Colombian Presidency within the ambitious bets What does the Colombian president have? Gustavo Petro for the country is to reform the educational system: for example, this week he announced that, with the help of … Read more

Faced with an increase in theft at work: Security measures announced to support small and medium


Tierra Amarilla is the commune that has the most complaints for this type of crime The Regional Presidential Delegate (s) Jorge Fernández Herrera led a meeting together with police, PDI, the Crime Prevention coordinator, Lorna Bown, and representatives of different unions met to coordinate actions that provide greater security to small miners of Atacama in … Read more

The school that denied enrollment to children with disabilities announced that it will close its doors


The institution located in the district of Pilar, province of Buenos Aires, stated in a statement to which it agreed Ambit that The closure comes after the authorities of the undersecretary began a summary to investigate different irregularities, among which are the non-enrollment of 8 children with disabilities due to alleged discriminatory intent. In addition, … Read more

The academy of television arts and sciences announced the nominees for the international EMMY AWARDS 2022


Colombian productionDapinty, Una Aventura Musicolor” (Dapinty, A Musicolor Adventure) was selected by the International Emmy Awards as one of the series nominated in the category of Kids: Animation. It should be noted that this is the only Colombian series nominated this year. Dapinty, A Musicolor Adventure is a series for pre-school children that tells the … Read more

They announced the program of the Artistic Days in UADER | Analysis


The Culture Area of ​​the Secretary of University Extension and Human Rights FHAyCS announced the program of the Conference “Meeting of knowledge and artistic experiences in an open-door University”. The activities are free and open to the general public. Certificates of attendance will be delivered. Most activities require prior registration. Conversations, workshops, courses, exhibitions, musical … Read more

City: two high schools announced takeovers and could be extended to more schools


In the last few hours, families and students of the Escuela Normal Superior en Lenguas Vivas Sofía E. Broquen de Spangenberg, known colloquially as “Lengüitas”, circulated the possibility that a takeover of the institution would take place on Monday to protest against the authorities. of the Ministry of Education of the city. The students are … Read more

Disney+: discover the new Disney and Pixar releases announced for 2023


Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy in Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+. disney During D23, which is currently being held in Anaheim, the Disney studio presented the next content for its streaming platform. In the Anaheim Convention Center, filled with 7,000 delirious fans, the boss of Disney Studios, Alan Bergman, announced the many … Read more

Mercato at France Inter: the extended morning, a sports program on Sunday, Matthieu Noël announced


In full transition since Laurence Bloch will soon leave her place as director of the antenna to Adèle Van Reeth, France Inter continues to announce the novelties of its back-to-school schedule. Interesting, without being overwhelming. Update July 1: A few new features have been added for September: Dorothée Barba will no longer deliver her good … Read more