What explains the mass shootings in the United States? International comparisons suggest an answer: weapons

When the world looks at americahe sees a land of exceptions: a time-tested, if noisy, democracy, a crusader on foreign policy, an exporter of beloved music and movies. But there is a peculiarity that constantly puzzles to fans and critics in the United States. Why, they ask, so many are produced mass shootings? Perhaps, some … Read more

10 Difficult Jungkook Questions Only A True BTS Fan Can Answer | TEST

You probably think you know everything about btshowever, this test with hard questions of jungkook It could make you see that you still have a little to learn about one of the Bangtan members, we want to clarify that it is not necessary to know everything about their lives to be their fan. how does … Read more

Permits Law 104 at school: should the absence be justified? The answer will surprise you

There are still numerous doubts regarding the permits Law 104 of 1992. One of the most widespread concerns the possibility of having to justify the absence. School sector workers who take time off work to take advantage of permits Law 104have the obligation to justify such absence? Canva photo Law 104 permits are a fundamental … Read more

Telegram launches Topic, the answer to WhatsApp communities

Telegram is extremely careful not to be left behind and, for this reason, releases frequent updates. This time it has decided to launch a new feature that allows you to organize conversations within larger and more complex groups. It’s called Topic and it is not the only novelty of the platform, which has also decided … Read more

Trans children? It’s diabolical! The answer from Pro Vita & Famiglia


[*] [Korazym.org/Blog dell’Editore, 03.11.2022 – Vik van Brantegem] – We are happy to receive and share the letter received today from Jacopo Coghe, Spokesperson of Pro Vita & Famiglia Onlus, on the phenomenon of the “career alias”. [*]. Then, not only (public) schools but also parishes are in the crosshairs of the ideology of gender. … Read more

School leaders on the attack: “Contract, bureaucracy and Covid: still no answer from the institutions”


School leaders on the attack: “Contract, bureaucracy and Covid: still no response from the institutions” Once again, school leaders find themselves between a rock and a hard place, crushed by the constant critical issues that have afflicted the school world for years and the institutions’ failure to respond to their requests. The year opened with … Read more

Massive Covid contaminations at school or not? The vast Italian study that provides an answer


Schools are high places for the transmission of the coronavirus and all aerosol-borne viruses. ©DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP Transmission A new Italian study shows that the school is an important place of transmission of Covid-19. Atlantico: In a study published at the end of September, “Estimating SARS-CoV-2 transmission in educational settings: A retrospective cohort study“, … Read more

Weather alert, student writes (badly) to the mayor to close schools, the answer: “You should also go there in the afternoon”


A’sympathetic interaction between a student and a mayor, which however also makes us reflect. It has now become normal for many students to hope for more and more frequent school closures due to adverse weather conditions. Some even go so far as to contact the mayors or those in charge to convince them to close … Read more

Love is in the meadow: the candidates paid to participate in the show? The answer !


The candidates of L’amour est dans le pré participate for one reason only: to find love. The production wants to find honest candidates, and it’s not always easy. Why ? Because we know that today, this kind of popular programs allow to develop its notoriety. And thanks to social networks, notoriety can bring in a … Read more

ICT and education: EasySchool, a software to answer the many questions of the educational world


The advent of new technologies has revolutionized the system. This revolution has brought about positive changes in favor of teachers, the administration, the parents of students as well as the students themselves. This technological development helps to facilitate the mode of transmission of knowledge to learners and the monitoring of students by the administration and … Read more