Severe disability and right to school, the appeal presented by Roberta’s family is rejected

The family ordered to pay the legal costs Roberta is 6 years old and is affected by a rare disease, campomelic acampomelic dysplasia, a disease that causes a very severe disability. Roberta has need continuous and constant assistance and to comply with his right to attend primary school it is necessary for the school to … Read more

The indigestible branch: the “Plauto 2” in Eur does not appeal to families. And the school launches a survey


The news of the opening of 8 classrooms, a laboratory, a multipurpose room and a teachers’ room inside the branch office of the “Arangio Ruiz” commercial institute, where about 200 students of the Plauto di Spinaceto classical high school will be moved, did not excite the families. While on the one hand the overcrowding that … Read more

Students appeal to the Tar against unification between the two schools. The judges: it is necessary to concretely demonstrate the damages that can be suffered

With an appeal, pupils and representatives of the pupils of a school contested the decree of the Director General of the Regional School Office of their region, with which the unification between two schools was ordered. Several profiles of illegitimacy complained about the unification, the Lazio TAR pronounces with a sentence of 16/05/2022 N. 06133/2022 … Read more

Avis: the gift is a cultural mission. Appeal to young people


CREMONA – Born in 1946, the Committee of Supporting Members of theMunicipal Avis of Cremona it is the first group of this kind established in Italy and it is the only one that every year, for 76 years, has convened the members in assembly. The discussion was held this morning at the Osvaldo Goldani auditorium … Read more

A year of unused leave is worth almost a thousand euros, the Modena judge orders the Ministry to pay it to the teacher who filed an appeal with Anief

A year of substitutes is equivalent to almost a thousand euros of holidays. If the school administration does not give them to the teacher, then the judge will take care of it. This also happened in the case of a teacher in service in Emilia Romagna who, after working as a precarious worker in the … Read more

Law 21 | English school boards make their voices heard in the Court of Appeal


(Montreal) It was the turn, on Wednesday, of opponents to Bill 21, in this case the English school boards, to come and defend the portion of the judgment of the Superior Court which allows them to avoid it. Posted at 2:24 p.m. Pierre Saint-Arnaud The Canadian Press Judge Marc-André Blanchard, in the first instance, had … Read more

Development of Calabria, an appeal by the unions: “A concertation season is needed”


LAMEZIA TERME «Yesterday in Lamezia Terme, the unitary Secretariats of Cgil Cisl Uil Calabria met, meeting aimed at carrying out a careful examination of the particularly difficult phase that is affecting the country and the region in a particular way. A national and international context of social and economic crisis, which has been going on … Read more

Let’s save the Eden cinema: an appeal for the art house that is about to close


from Lorenza Cerbini Crowdfunding organized by the cultural workshops to avoid the disappearance of a «bulwark of social and cultural life». Too many management costs The appeal runs on the web to save Edennot the biblical garden, but a humbler one arthouse cinema, the only one left alive when the historic center of Arezzo it … Read more

“Urgent action on school buildings”: Cittadinanzattiva’s appeal to Minister Valditara 20 years after the collapse of San Giuliano


“Many of the funds of the national recovery and resilience plan dedicated to interventions concerning the safety, the construction of nurseries, children, gyms and canteens, risk being lost due to delays that are most often caused by bureaucratic delays in the central systems and technical difficulties in peripheral ones. We have to run for cover … Read more