Aid for agriculture: extension to 31 October for applications. School, 3 million for apprenticeship notice

Extension to 31 October 2022 for the deadline for submitting the applications relating to the notice Exceptional temporary aid to dairy farmers and farmers affected by the crisis of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the form of elimination of the debtor roles of the Reclamation Consortia of Sicily. In both cases, the applications must be sent … Read more

Maturity 2023, submission of applications for external candidates. Examination out of town, province or region: when possible

External candidates apply to participate in the final state exam of the second cycle of education in November. Who can apply, how and when. External candidates The MI, with note no. 24344 of 23 September 2022, provided indications regarding the presentation of applications for participation in the final state exam of the second cycle of … Read more

Primary sports with Scuola Attiva Kids 2022/23, applications from 27 September to 24 October. NOTE

Also for the 2022/2023 school year, the Ministry of Education and Sport and Health SpA are promoting the national project “Scuola Attiva Kids”. The project aims to enhance physical and sports education in primary school for its formative values, for the promotion of correct and healthy lifestyles and to promote social inclusion. Features For all … Read more

Favignana, free transport of pupils: applications by 3 October

With today’s certified e-mail, Federalberghi writes to the Ministry of Infrastructures, the President of the Sicilian Region, the councilor for infrastruct. Falcone, to the Mayor Egadi Francesco Forgione and other actors, in order to request an extension of maritime connections with summer timetables with the mainland. Here is the full text of the letter Maritime … Read more

Prefabricated modular architecture: characteristics and applications of the dry construction system |


(by R. Petruzzelli) There prefabrication is the general term by which we refer to any component manufactured in a different place from the last placement site. With reference to the building sector, it means the off-site construction of building elements, building components and / or subsystems of buildings. These forged in the factory, in a … Read more

INPS pays a check for € 1,300 to these families. Applications by 12 October


INPS close to families. There comes a new economic aid which will enrich the account of families made up of student children for a maximum amount of 1,300 euros. Let’s see immediately who these families are who will be able to request the check by presenting application by the deadline set on 12 October 2022. … Read more

Scholarships: applications admissible until October 20


Since September 1, parents of middle and high school students can submit their scholarship applications for the year 2022-2023, until October 20. The scholarship is a state aid awarded “depending on the resources of the person(s) responsible for the pupil and the number of dependent children”. It is paid to parents whose income is deemed … Read more

Piano delle arti, applications from 15 September. All you need to know


The Ministry issued the public notice for the presentation of projects financed with the Piano delle Arti which, we recall, aims to promote “learning, practice, creation, historical-critical knowledge and the conscious use of artistic languages, as fundamental requirements of the curriculum, as well as knowledge of the cultural heritage of the past and of the … Read more

Test Medicine, boom in applications, this year too an army of excluded


Test Medicine, applications boom, there will be an army of excluded Change the test but not the stress. To slightly encourage the thousands of students who are preparing to compete for access to the limited number of Medicine and Surgery faculties this year, the small changes made to the admission test: fewer questions general culture … Read more

Contribution for the purchase of books, from Monday 5 September the submission of applications will begin


PIACENZA – From Monday 5 September, until 6 pm on Wednesday 26 October, the parents of students residing in the Municipality of Piacenza, enrolled and attending the state 1st and 2nd grade secondary schools, or private equal schools, will be able to apply for contribution for the purchase of textbooks and educational content (also in … Read more