Held the second UIL School Rua National Congress. Summary report of April

From 21 to 23 September in Rome, at the Marriott Park Hotel, the second national Congress of the Uil Scuola Rua was held, in the presence of over 700 trade union delegates and cadres who welcomed the intervention of just over half a year. now with which Giuseppe D’Aprile – outgoing Secretary General – has … Read more

April (Uil Scuola): politicians stop raiding the school, the contract must establish everything

“Avoid the incursion of politicians into the school and establish everything through the contract, which must be actualized”. She said it Giuseppe D’Aprile, general secretary of the Uil Scuolawhich has put its hands on the politicians by stating that it is by bargaining that the rules of regulation must be established. D’Aprile participated in the … Read more

Covid, from 1 April trips are back, teachers no vax at school


From 1 April the trips return, the unvaccinated school staff returns to school (but not in contact with the students) and the management of the quarantines changes: even with more than 4 infected, the Dad no longer triggers, except for the sick. The decree law in view of the cessation of the state of emergency … Read more

Covid, the state of emergency is over: this is what changes for the school (and not only) from 1 April

The new anti Covid rules come into force today after the end of the emergency, in view of a gradual return to normality, even if it will not be a “free all”, says Minister Mariastella Gelmini. Non-vaccinated teachers will be able to return to school after having a swab, but not in contact with students. … Read more

Vaccination obligation for school staff: from 1 April even those not vaccinated at school, but not in the classroom. The circular of the MI


The vaccination obligation of all school staff remains in force until 15 June 2022. On the return in the presence of unvaccinated school staff, the Reopening Decree has generated many perplexities on which the circular of the Ministry of Education of 28 March 2022 tries to shed light. In detail, in the reopening decree of … Read more

Covid, from vaccination obligation to masks: what is planned for the school from 1 April. GUIDE

We summarize what has been decided by the government regarding the easing of measures to combat Covid-19. The Covid-19 state of emergency will end on March 31. The decree preserves, until 31 December 2022, the necessary operational and prompt reaction capacity of the structures during the phase of gradual return to the ordinary. Covid, Dad … Read more

TV program: what to watch this week on TV? Our selection from Monday April 11 to Sunday April 17, 2022 (VIDEO)

A big party for M6’s birthday, a lion king in 3D animation or even a decisive match for Les Bleues… Discover the TV events that will mark the week! The continuation under this advertisement The school holidays are already starting for zone B and the channels are adapting to their new viewers. The M6 ​​channel … Read more

US museum exhibits photographs from April 1965


Fort Benning Museum, US Infantry Visual Tour Atlanta Georgia. – The visitor who comes to the Museum facilities at the Fort Benning Base, in the Infants House and where the headquarters of the Airborne School is located, Columbus, Georgia, appreciates a visual and sound sample of the American military power through the history. Some of … Read more