Vicente Aranda – “Cambio de sexo” (“I want to be a woman”)

Victoria Abril boy © Karmafilms Dazzling Victoria Abril. Who, from the age of 17, could already play and play with masculine and feminine codes, dare to play one of the first trans-identity roles in the cinema in a country where homosexuality itself was still prohibited. Because let us know, it was not Almodovar who discovered … Read more

Bar Association defends former judge Aranda: “They condemned him directly, without exercising his right of defense”

Sergio Soucasse, president of the Bar Association. When analyzing the situation in which Dr. Miguel Aranda finds himself, Soucasse began by explaining that “it is a transcendental fact that affects the Federal Justice and the province. We have made a statement urging the urgent resolution of the case, but not in the manner of the … Read more