Cate Blanchett, an actress in the power of art

There are gifted people and there are others. Cate Blanchett is convinced of belonging to the second category, of those who, because they have no particular talent, let alone genius, must work intensely, laboriously. This impression, she does not take offense and faces it with serenity. And, by a mirror effect, she is passionate about … Read more

Stylist Pascal Jaouen hands over to Yann Lagoutte at the Quimper Art Embroidery School

It is therefore Yann Lagoutte, professor since 2004 at the School of Art Embroidery in Quimper (Finistère) who will take over the reins of this institution renowned throughout the world. The aura of stylist Pascal Jaouen, its founder in 1994, has no borders. It is for example he who had been called for the lace … Read more

Art schools facing artificial intelligence: “Students must not be late”


At the forefront of the rapid development of artificial intelligence, teachers and students seek to integrate these developments into their practice in a positive way. If AI disrupts visual creation, it also has an impact on training. Because everyone is wondering: what about tomorrow? How will future creators work? Several schools are already adapting to … Read more

Menstrual leave at school, the ok from the art school of Ravenna

Ravenna, 27 December 2022 – The ‘Nervi-Severini di Ravenna’ Art School it is the first in Italy to institute menstrual leave for women students who request it. Absences will not affect the maximum limit allowed. Menstrual leave at school (stock photo) “Probably – explains the director of the institute – Gianluca Dradi – for a … Read more

Harry Potter Art Imagines Ben Barnes and Andrew Garfield as Sirius and Lupin | Pretty Reel


Residence Cinema News Harry Potter Art Imagines Ben Barnes and Andrew Garfield as Sirius and Lupin Harry Potter fan art imagines actors Ben Barnes and Andrew Garfield as younger versions of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin from the Marauders era. New Harry Potter fan art imagines Ben Barnes and Andrew Garfield as younger versions of … Read more

From Vlora to Pomaretto life between school and art by Rosina Gambino | Diocesan life in Pinerolo


Rosina Gambino is the protagonist of the personal exhibition inaugurated in the historic Villa Willy December 11, 2022, the first for this 94-year-old former teacher, always lived with enthusiasm. Rosina at the entrance to her exhibition Not everyone has the honor of being able to showcase their artistic works. But what about Rosa (Rosina) Gambino … Read more

At the Duperré art school, the students are indignant at having to work in the cellar


REPORT – Students and teachers of the prestigious art school are mobilizing to obtain better working conditions. Colorful posters, hand-woven banners and foil messages to arouse the curiosity of passers-by. When he joined the prestigious Duperre school, Baptiste would never have imagined having to come to this. For several days, the student of the very … Read more

Tales in Freedom: children enter the history of the Ricci Oddi Art Gallery


A journey for everyone in the tradition of Italian fairy tales, accompanied by the works of the Ricci Oddi Gallery. It is the novelty of the third series of “Favole in Libertà”, a format by Telelibertà and Teatro Gioco Vita which returns by popular demand after the success of the first two editions, from 23 … Read more

“An incredible site that catches the eye of future students”: the booming School of Art and Design in Toulon


“Our new building creates attractiveness, it’s undeniable”notes, with a big smile, Jean-Marc Avrilla, the director of the School of Art and Design (Esad TPM). Established in the Chalucet district since September 2020, the establishment has clearly gained in quality in terms of working conditions compared to its former premises near the Zénith. In quality, but … Read more

La Nación / Art, culture and exquisite gastronomy invite you to rediscover Argentina


A great cultural richness, with hundreds of places to discover and a varied gastronomy are details that characterize Argentina. Its capital, Buenos Aires, invites you to discover each of its picturesque avenues and emblematic sites that keep stories and some other peculiarities that make it special. A tour of the capital is to fall in … Read more