Axes on Citizenship Income, in Campania three out of four beneficiaries are at risk

A very large group of recipients of the Basic income the benefit is starting to lose from September 2023. Campania has been in first place in the ranking of subsidy recipients since the institution of the measure in the spring of three years ago. The same goes for Naples which, since May 2019, has been … Read more

Knowledge and creativity, axes of the international innovation seminar

These are some conclusions of the meeting where Claudia Jaña, Education Manager of the Kodea Foundation and Alejandra Garcés, President of the Chile Program of the BHP Foundation also participated. When he was a child, his first approach to technology was a series they gave on television in 1983 called “The Computerized Boys”. This program, … Read more

New roundabouts, underpass and mobility revolution: the municipality’s plan against traffic chaos. The mayor: “Stop the trucks on the avenues only after the bridge and road axes”


It is a strong signal what the mayor intends to launch to the city 100 days from the first city council in which he was sworn in. Mario Pardini it does so not only with words, but with one distribution of proxies which makes its council “more operational”, with the creation of super departments that, … Read more