School Feeding Program presented balance for 2022 and projection for 2023

Gov. from Boyacá Thursday, November 24, 2022 Photo: Government of Boyacá share More than 160,000 children and adolescents benefit from this initiative. The investment for 2022 was more than $103 billion and for 2023 it will be more than $130 billion. This news was read by 1974 people Give a “Like” to this portal Thank … Read more

José Joaquín Brunner: El difícil balance entre seguridad y libertad

1 Vivimos un momento conservador en la sociedad chilena y, quizá, en el mundo entero, aunque se exprese de formas diversas y con diferentes manifestaciones. En el trasfondo de este fenómeno existe un desbalance entre las demandas por seguridad y libertad. Significa que por ahora, y quizá también tendencialmente en el largo plazo, prevalecen los … Read more

Simone Tebet is the senator who can tip the electoral balance in Brazil


“I’m not afraid!” With a firm voice and the index finger pointing to Jair Bolsonarothe senator Simone Tebbet came out in defense of a journalist who had just been insulted by the President of Brazil in the middle of the electoral debate. It was the night of August 29, the first televised crossover of candidates, … Read more

“Designing Borgia” draws up a balance sheet of the first year of the Sacco bis


It bears the signature of “Designing Borgia”, specifically of Marta Cristofaro and Francesca Fodaro, the note with which a balance of the summer just passed is drawn up. “Summer is ending and a year goes away .. Righeira sang! So the summer has passed and with it also the running-in year of the continuity administration. … Read more

Mazzini School, financing in the balance between old and new programming


There are two weeks left to the start of the 2022-2023 school year in Calabria and the problems in Catanzaro are not lacking, even if the relative explosion of the Covid emergency teaches that at the worst there can also be an end. The usual running-in before the chairs are covered, the lesson times juxtaposed … Read more

CMP expresses its concern about “low balance of the health sector” in a message to the Nation


This Friday, the Medical Association of Peru (CMP) spoke about the message to the Nation that the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, presented in the Congress of the Republic, on July 28. In this sense, he expressed concern about “the poor balance of the health sector” in the president’s speech for National Holidays and … Read more

Children and screens, a fair balance to be found


Posted on July 29, 2022 Considered by some to be responsible for many evils, screens are nevertheless effective learning and development devices for children. What are the real risks? What are the issues ? Youmatter delves into this complex relationship between childhood and the use of screens. In 1895, the Lumière brothers offered the first … Read more

CAPITALS: Nervous about the high deficit in the trade balance


By EDGAR GONZALEZ MARTINEZ During June, Mexico’s trade balance registered a balance of (-)$3,957 million dollars, and in the first half of the year, the accumulated deficit reached (-)$12,944 million dollars, a figure that contrasts with the surplus of $1,370 million dollars. that the balance registered in the same period of 2021. In general terms, … Read more

South Tyrolean school, positive balance in the year of transition towards normality


Digitization, changes in teaching during the pandemic, news in the school staff sector, multilingual literacy and the reception of girls and boys from Ukraine in the classrooms of the province. These are the central themes addressed today (18 July) by the councilors of the Giuliano Vettorato School, Philipp Achammer and Daniel Alfreider in the traditional … Read more

«The lighthouse keeper», appointment in Torre Canne with the performance of Dynamic Balance


Torre Canna lighthouse © nc One first acquitted, one traveling performance to enhance the marina of Torre Canne and in particular its lighthouse. An artistic project strongly desired by the municipal administration which supported it throughout the workshop phase with a view to a fundamental axiom: the enhancement of culture and territory, so that the … Read more