The Seville Bar Association seeks a new dean

Oscar Cisneros will not be eligible for re-election as dean of the Seville Bar Association, whose superior board will leave after 28 years occupying different positions, the last four as the head of said body. Therefore, this illustrious collegiate entity, based in the central Chapineros street, is looking for a new dean. The appointment will … Read more

The Netherlands Bar Association: “Half of lawyers experienced a form of assault in the last 12 months”

ISTANBUL The Netherlands Bar Association (NOvA, for its acronym in Dutch) announced on Tuesday that “half of lawyers experienced at least one form of assault in the last 12 months.” In a Press releasethe bar reported that it commissioned the Dutch research agency I&O Research to carry out a study on the forms of aggression … Read more

The bar associations came out to support the reform project of the Court


In the midst of criticism the Federation of Bar Associations and Attorneys of Mendoza came out to support the reform project of the Supreme Court sent to the Legislature by Governor Rodolfo Suarez. Through a statement, was in favor of the draw of the judges so that they understand each matter, and they agreed to … Read more

Bar Association elects Manuel Quilichini as its new president


Graduate Manuel Quilichini Garcia was elected, this Saturday, as the president of the Puerto Rico Bar Association (CAAPR) with 1,351 votes, which places him as the leader of the union for the next two years. “We have witnessed an unprecedented act in the Bar Association. Over 60% of our enrollment participated. That number represents faith … Read more

Bar associations change their name to advance equality and inclusive language


A total of 34 corporations, including Madrid and Barcelona, ​​have already changed their formal name to Colegio de la Abogacía, while the change fails in Seville and Granada “What is not named, does not exist,” says the president of the CGAE, Victoria Ortega. The modifications follow the indication of the new General Statute of the … Read more

The Cadiz Bar Association denounces the collapse suffered by the Court of Violence against Women


The Cadiz Bar Association has denounced, through its delegate Alberto Ibarthe situation “insane and embarrassing” that continues to be lived day after day in the Court of Violence against Women (JVSM) of Algeciras, the only judicial office in the entire region that deals with complaints of gender-based assaults and which is going through a real … Read more

Cause Vialidad: the Buenos Aires Public Bar Association questioned the Government’s statements that “call to disregard judicial decisions”


Road Cause: the Buenos Aires Public Bar Association expressed its concern about the official sayings that delegitimize Justice The Public Bar Association of the Federal Capital (CPACF) expressed this Friday his concern before the public statements that delegitimize the actions of Justice in the Vialidad case. The text was issued after several personalities and sectors … Read more

Bar Association elects Mario Urquía and Reina Nájera as representatives on the Nominating Board


By: Luis Escalante Tegucigalpa.- The Honduran Bar Association (CAH), one of the seven organizations that make up the Nominating Board for the proposal of candidates for magistrates and magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, chose this Saturday its representatives in the process of nomination. It is the lawyer Mario Urquía, as head, and the … Read more

Jury’s request: The Bar Association denied having given its support to the prosecutor Arramberri |


Paraná, Aug 21 (APFDigital) – The authorities of the Entre Ríos Bar Association issued a statement clarifying that they did not provide their support to prosecutor Ignacio Arramberri, who was recently denounced before the province’s Jury of Prosecution for alleged poor performance in his duties, in the framework of his testimonial statement in … Read more

Congressman José Balcázar was expelled from the Lambayeque Bar Association


He assured that he will denounce those who signed a resolution of his expulsion. drastic penalty. Through an official resolution issued on August 13 of this year, the Council of Ethics of the Illustrious Bar Association of Lambayeque (ICAL) decided to definitively expel the Parliamentarian José Balcázar Zelada. The main reason, as specified in the … Read more