Laelia Benoit: “School phobia is neither a whim nor a fad”

Why, as a young child psychiatrist, did school phobia immediately interest you? The first time I heard a teenager talk to me about this anxiety disorder in consultation was in 2014. I was a young psychiatric intern in a hospital in Val-de-Marne and this notion, which was unknown to me , intrigued me. I continued … Read more

Secret Story: alcohol, antidepressants… Benoît Dubois balances on the faults behind the scenes!

For several months, rumors about drug use on reality TV shoots have been swirling around. Indeed, some candidates do not fail to reveal a few secrets concerning the filming of certain favorite programs of the French. This time, whenan interview with Virgin Radio, Benoît Dubois, of Secret Story 4, has made many confidences. We tell … Read more

Benoît Lebeau: “Well advanced, the Paris


Pharmacy center, Saclay side It is a program of national scope which extends over a territory of more than 70 km2. Paris-Saclay brings together three urban communities straddling the departments of Essonne (91) and Yvelines (78). Operation of national interest decreed in 2009, then a Public Development Establishment (EPA) created in 2010, the Plateau de … Read more