The Aid Decree bis is a Law: among the approved measures, the teacher permanently incentivized and the increase in the Institute Fund

As we have already communicated, the cd. Aid decree bis (decree-law 9 August 2022, n.115) became Law 21 September 2022, n. 142 and enters into force today, 22 September, after the publication in the Official Gazette. The rule that mainly affects schools, and which has been much debated in recent months, concerns the “expert teacher”, … Read more

REPLAY. Bis, the magazine of curiosity with Marie Sylvie Bitarelle in Malagar Saint

The Domaine de Malagar is a property located in Saint-Maixant in the Gironde department in France. The history of Malagar is intimately linked to the writer François Mauriac (1885-1970) for whom it was a family home where he stayed regularly and which he made his privileged place of inspiration. Given to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in … Read more

Pubblicata in Gazzetta Ufficiale la legge di conversione del Decreto Legge “Aiuti bis”


È entrata in vigore il 22 settembre 2022 la legge 142 del 21 settembre 2022, di conversione del decreto legge 115 del 9 agosto 2022 concernente “Misure urgenti in materia di energia, emergenza idrica, politiche sociali e industriali”. Qui il testo coordinato Forniamo una sintesi dei contenuti del provvedimento con particolare riferimento alle disposizioni che impattano direttamente … Read more

Aid Decree Bis is law: goodbye to the expert teacher and new funds for education. What changes for the school?


With 178 yes, 13 abstentions and no contrary, the Senate gives the green light to the Aid Bis Decree. The law, passed by the Draghi government to stem the high-energy costs, and therefore consequently the high-bills, contains within it various measures that have an important impact on the school as well. The name “expert teacher” … Read more

Aid decree bis, Anief: the Chamber on the proposal of the Government rejects any amendment except on the waiver of salaries in the PA

Once again ignore the requests for help from the school world. The text returns in third reading to the Senate. After the event promoted by ANIEF National Association of Teachers and Trainers, on August 30, some changes compared to the original text were approved in the Senate that do not respond to urgencies, including the … Read more

Aid decree bis: what changes from the Superbonus to the school


Superbonus, school, pensions, smart working, Copasir. These are some of the issues on which the Aid bis decree intervenes. The measure received the unanimous go-ahead from the Senate today with 182 votes in favor, zero against and 21 abstentions. Due to expire on 8 October, it will be examined next Thursday by the Chamber for … Read more

Expert teacher, postpones the passage in the Senate of the text of the Dl Aiuti bis. The latest news

All postponed for the bis aid decree: after the work in the commission, the text, containing the rule of the expert teacher, should have arrived in the Senate on 6 September. The text has returned to the Commission while the debate in plenary is scheduled for tomorrow. In the afternoon a meeting was held on … Read more

“Designing Borgia” draws up a balance sheet of the first year of the Sacco bis


It bears the signature of “Designing Borgia”, specifically of Marta Cristofaro and Francesca Fodaro, the note with which a balance of the summer just passed is drawn up. “Summer is ending and a year goes away .. Righeira sang! So the summer has passed and with it also the running-in year of the continuity administration. … Read more

Expert teacher, examination of the Aid Decree bis: blocking the disputed provision would lead to the loss of PNRR resources


In the GU General Series n. 185 of 9 August, the Decree-Law 9 August 2022, n. 115, containing “Urgent measures regarding energy, water emergency, social and industrial policies”. This is the so-called Aid Decree biscontaining the much disputed measure that introduces the figure of the “expert teacher“. Since before its publication the Decree in question … Read more

The day after tomorrow school in the square in Rome to ask for resources and changes to the Aid Decree bis under examination by the Senate


Tuesday 30th August, in Piazza Santi Apostoli in Rome starting at 10 am, the first event will take place in view of the new school year: it will be used to request changes to the part of the school contained in the Decree Aid bis, Legislative Decree 115 of 9 August last, which the same … Read more