Who is Andrea Dianetti: age, height, father, girlfriend, film and book

Lydia Colangelo 6 December 2022 From Friends to Tale and Which Show, who is Andrea Dianetti today: age, height, family, girlfriend, movies, TV series, Instagram, Facebook and the actor’s books. Photos to understand who Andrea Dianetti is Italian actor and director, he is also a television and radio host. Already known to the public for … Read more

Presentation of the book “The bare state. Intimate history of the Good School” on 5 December at XNL Piacenza. Guest actor Silvio Orlando

The presentation of the book “Lo Stato a nudo. Intimate history of the Good School”. The extraordinary participation of the actor is expected Silvio Orlando, by the author Alessandro Fusacchia and the protagonists of the education system. How did it happen that a school reform that was intended to be revolutionary – restore competitions and … Read more

Aurore Petit: the body at work for the youth book festival


Illustrator of children’s books, Aurore Petit has made the relationship to the body and the senses a central subject of her work. She declines the theme by questioning the relationship to the other, as in The little sister is a diplodocusthe representations of the body, in particular with its series Dolores Wilson superheroine with a … Read more

At the Palazzo dei Congressi in Jesi, Luigi Ramini presents the book “Scacco al Re!” ⋆ Latest news from Marche and Piceno: Chronicle, Sport, Events


Readings: 17 JESI – Sunday 4 December at 17.00 at the Palazzo dei Convegni in Jesi, the official presentation of the book “Scacco al Re!” by the author Luigi Ramini edited by the Raffaello publishing house. The children’s book, published in October, is, to all intents and purposes, a real chess course in the … Read more

Wrap a book, give a future. Oxfam Italia and Mondadori Store together again at Christmas to ensure inclusive education for all


Guaranteeing an inclusive education for all: this is the objective that, again this year, for the second consecutive year, Oxfam is launching together with the Mondadori Store through the Christmas project “Wrap a book, give a future”. This initiative is part of a partnership which sees the Mondadori Store and Oxfam together in activities aimed … Read more

The Youth Book and Press Fair in Seine


France Inter takes on the colors of Book and youth press fair in Seine-Saint-Denis with, on the air, numerous programs devoted to children’s literature. Dedications, podcasts and many surprises await visitors at stand F35 on the 1st floor and during a school meeting around The Odysseys of Laure Grandbesançon *. ►►► Go to the lounge … Read more

Tomorrow begins the III Children’s and Youth Book Fair ✔️


Tomorrow the activities organized within the III Children’s and Youth Book Fair will begin, organized by the Salamanca City Council and the LASAL Association (Salamanca Animation for Reading). An activity that revolves around books and reading, theater, music and conversation. Among the programmed activities are exhibitions, workshops, talks and shows. This III Children’s and Youth … Read more

An extra gear: the Wise Society book dedicated to Italian female entrepreneurs


Something extra. Italian stories of successful entrepreneurs. It is the title of the new book published by Wise Society-Life Solutions Wisdom for the “Wise People Series”inaugurated in 2019 by the great success recorded by It seemed impossible. From 0 to 100. Stories of successful entrepreneursthe volume dedicated instead to business captains who, starting from scratch, … Read more

Erwin Nettig presented his book “Fey Pikey Ko. Manifesto of Water”


Publication was financed with resources from the Book and Reading Fund of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage. It is part of the Stories Collection of the Libros Verde Vivo publishing house of Valdivia. The bookstore Los Libros del Gato Caulle was the launch of “Fey Pikey Ko. Manifesto of Water”, the most recent … Read more

Miscegenation, memory and oral tradition in San Juan de la Costa: Erwin Nettig presents book “Fey Pikey Ko. Water Manifesto”


Photography: Erwin Nettig In the bookstore Los Libros del Gato Caulle was the launch “Fey Pikey Ko. Water Manifesto”the most recent book by Erwin Nettig. The social worker, self-taught musician, teacher and writer was awarded resources in the area of ​​Promotion of Industry, Support for Editions/Single Book of the Book and Reading Fund, of the … Read more