Two books to reflect on the Country, the South, School and Health

Gomitoli workshops of Dedalus Social Cooperative will host the presentation of the books Fare Scuola a Scampia – Good digital practices for educational cohesion by Nicola Cotugno e Unequal by Rosetta Pope, Monday January 16, 2023at 17.00. Starting from the books, a choral discussion will unfold with the author on the following articles of the … Read more

Donation of 500 books for different schools in Concordia

FOR A CITY WITH MORE READERS: THEY DONATED 500 BOOKS FOR CONCORDIAN SCHOOLS. The Concordia and Region Book Fair is one of the most important cultural events in the north of Entre Ríos, bringing authors, readers and hundreds of visitors to Concordia each day. In the 2022 edition of the fair – held in October … Read more

10 billion for schools: increased salaries for teachers, sustainable school buildings, books, canteens and free public transport for students. The program of the PD [BOZZA]

“Knowledge is power”. This is the name of the part relating to education of the Democratic Party’s programmatic lines. As already announced, this is a 10 billion plan with increased salaries for teachers, sustainable school buildings, books, canteens and free public transport for students with low and middle incomes. What does the PD provide for … Read more

MOBiDYS: books adapted to “support the reading effort”


ActuaLitté: Since its creation in 2015 in Nantes, how has MOBiDYS evolved? Anne Thay: The headquarters of MOBiDYS is still in Nantes. We have significantly increased the number of staff this year, bringing together 24 people in total. 2022 was marked by the opening of an office in Montreal, which now has 3 people. 2 … Read more

Texas: a federal investigation opened after the censorship of several books


The investigation is the first such investigation related to the nationwide book censorship movement that has plagued the United States for more than a year. The ACLU filed a lawsuit last July, accusing the district of Granbury of violating a federal law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender. The procedure is based on … Read more

The Granada school with 6,000 books, the institute that casts the nets and the one that turned its reading room into a space


Three educational centers in Granada have received awards from the Ministry of Educational Development and Vocational Training for activities related to their school libraries and the promotion of reading. The prizes were delivered by the counselor Patricia del Pozo, who announced that the next course the students of Primary Education and Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) … Read more

Selection of books acquired in the documentation center of the Basque Youth Observatory in 2022

The books of the Observatory can be taken in loan at the Observatory and can be borrowed from libraries in the Basque Country. At the Observatory we have several books that can be searched on the web “LIBURUBILA“: Hezkuntza. Education bidean. Aurrera egin nahi duen irakaslearen dekalogoa. Koldo Rabadan Izagirre. Argia, 2021. ISBN 978-84-09-34748-3 Guide … Read more

Fight against historical precariousness, European salaries, reduction of one school year, more books in electronic format and protection of private schools: the Fratelli d’Italia program [PDF]

The official program of the Brothers of Italy has also arrived in view of the forthcoming elections on 25 September. it is entitled “Ready to revive Italy” and obviously has a chapter dedicated to education. “Italian public education has a great history. The school prepares the future of a nation, the entry into the world … Read more