School: projects and calls for tenders on the values ​​and contents of the Constitution

Follow the podcast on: Spreaker Spotify Google Podcast Apple Podcasts Senate of the Republic, Chamber of Deputies and Ministry of Education have renewed, also for the current year, the partnership aimed at spreading, among female students, the values ​​and contents of the Italian constitutionbut … Read more

The Prime Minister calls on the government to continue the dialogue with educational stakeholders

(APS) – The Prime Minister, Amadou Ba, on Friday called on the authorities concerned with the education sector to take the necessary measures to strengthen dialogue and consultation with educational actors. ”I urge the Minister of National Education, in conjunction with the Ministers responsible for the Civil Service and Labour, and the High Council for … Read more

School bus accident in Mayenne: the Region calls on motorists to slow down on small roads


A few days after the school bus accident in Sainte-Gemmes-le-Robert, near Évron in eastern Mayennais on Monday morning, which left six injured, including one seriously, many questions arise. This is the second accident in a year for the Pays de la Loire Region school transporter, Aléop, and each time the road was very narrow. A … Read more

Near Toulouse. The State wants to set up a center for migrants: the town hall plagues and calls for demonstrations


By Thibaut Calatayud Published on 28 Sep 22 at 17:52 Toulouse news See my news Follow this media The “La Joie de Vivre” nursing home in Saint-Lys, near Toulouse, is in the process of being transformed into a return preparation center (CPAR), for migrants. (©Screenshot / Google StreetView) For the town hall St. Lys (Upper … Read more

Aragonès calls for a “clarity agreement” to hold a Canadian


A few days before the 5th anniversary of the illegal referendum on October 1 in Catalonia, its president, Pere Aragones he returns to the fray and proposes what he calls a “clarity agreement”. An instrument that establishes the bases to celebrate a referendum agreed upon as in Canada. The president of the Generalitat wants to … Read more

Calls to wear the qamis, to pray… Two notes from the state services warn of attacks against secularism in schools


Two notes from state services, which BFMTV was able to consult, reveal an Islamist offensive on social networks calling on students to break the rules of secularism. With the start of the new school year approaching, the messages multiplied. On Twitter but also on Tik Tok, calls to encourage students to wear the veil or … Read more

Afghanistan: UN calls on Taliban to reopen girls’ schools closed for a year


The United Nations has again called on Taliban authorities to take “urgent action” to reopen secondary schools to girls in Afghanistan, calling their year-long closure “shameful” and “unparalleled anywhere in the world”. “Sunday marks a year of exclusion for girls from secondary school in Afghanistan. A year of lost knowledge and opportunities they will never … Read more

Grandparents also go back to school: “Sometimes she gets confused and calls me ‘mom'”

Rosa Mateo and Joaquín Moreno have been taking care of their grandchildren since the eldest was born, 24 years ago. They are from the generation that has taken care of parents, children and now they also fulfill their role, and in what way, with the little ones in the family. This marriage of 66 and … Read more

Renewal of ATA personal contract, Aran proposal to trade unions: increase in DSGA responsibility, elimination of the AS range. The news. Anief calls for changes

The further meeting at Aran on the renewal of the CCNL School regarding the professional organization of ATA personnel took place today: the administration’s proposal continues to be really disappointing. The representatives Anief Cristina Dalpino, Giovanni D’Errico, Martino Todaro and Teresa Vitiello reiterated this this morning. “For the umpteenth time we have confirmation that the … Read more

La Cantine pour tous calls for a universal school lunch program


Photo credit: La Cantine pour tous As the provincial elections approach, the non-profit organization La Cantine pour tous is seeking a commitment from the parties for the establishment of a universal school meals program in Quebec. In all regions, the organization invites its partners, allies, sympathizers and parents to make applicants aware of the importance … Read more