Cosa fare gratis a Napoli e in Campania nel weekend dal 25 al 27 novembre 2022 | Napoli da Vivere

Eventi, cose da fare gratis e luoghi da visitare sempre gratuitamente a Napoli e nelle vicinanze ma anche in altri splendidi luoghi della Campania. Nel post troverete prima gli eventi a Napoli e poi quelli vicino Napoli   Anche in questo periodo a Napoli e nelle vicinanze ci sono sempre tante cose da fare in … Read more

Axes on Citizenship Income, in Campania three out of four beneficiaries are at risk

A very large group of recipients of the Basic income the benefit is starting to lose from September 2023. Campania has been in first place in the ranking of subsidy recipients since the institution of the measure in the spring of three years ago. The same goes for Naples which, since May 2019, has been … Read more

Bad weather, the orange level alert is triggered in Campania


The Civil Protection of the Campania Region has issued a new orange level weather alert valid throughout the region for rain and thunderstorms, valid from midnight today until 11.59 pm tomorrow, Tuesday 22 November. Forecasts Widespread rainfall is expected, including downpours and thunderstorms, even of strong intensity. Winds tending to very strong with gusts from … Read more

Campania, the sun does not last long: new Orange weather alert for Tuesday. And the mayors are closing the schools

forecasts NoonNovember 21, 2022 – 1:51 pm The Civil Protection warns the communities of the arrival of a new wave of bad weather with rain and thunderstorms until midnight tomorrow. Risk of landslides and mudslides. Ordinances of the first citizens from Benevento to the Vesuvian area from P. Ros. Looking at the sun and today’s … Read more

Palm Campania. Massimiliano Gallo and Alessandro Haber at the Vincenzo Russo Prize

Palm Campania. Massimiliano Gallo and Alessandro Haber at the Vincenzo Russo Prize Spotlights on the history and excellence of the area in Palma Campania, where the prestigious cultural review of the Russian Days, established in 2000 and embellished for some years by the final gala evening of Vincent Russo Award. A double appointment – … Read more

Orientalife is back, the itinerant tour of the Campania Region, Usr, Anpal Servizi


The program continues and strengthens “ORIENTAlife – the school orientates for life ”, organized by the School Department of the Campania Region in collaboration with the Regional School Office for Campania, Anpal Servizi, Confindustria Campania and INAIL Campania; a path of research and experimentation on the theme of guidance in which managers, teachers, students, companies, … Read more

“School Tourist Itineraries”, a good first for the Campania Tourist District


The first edition of the Autumn workshop ended with a great success of participants and the full satisfaction of organizers and protagonists “School Tourist Routes”. An interesting moment of reflection and study that developed over several days, all intense, pleasant and full of ideas and programs. Enthusiastic participants, including school managers and teachers, representatives of … Read more

Giornate FAI d’Autunno in Campania: al via l’undicesima edizione


Giornate FAI, Villa San Marco – Fonte: PA-POMPEI Le Giornate FAI d’Autunno in Campania ritornano con la loro undicesima edizione nelle giornate di sabato 15 e domenica 16 ottobre 2022. Il programma è stato presentato durante la mattinata di mercoledì 5 ottobre 2022 nella Biblioteca Pagliara del Complesso monastico dell’Università Suor Orsola Benincasa da Rosanna … Read more

Presentato il programma delle Giornate FAI d’Autunno in Campania


NAPOLI – Il programma delle Giornate FAI d’Autunno in Campania è stato presentato questa mattina, mercoledì 5 ottobre, presso la Biblioteca Pagliara del Complesso monastico dell’Università Suor Orsola Benincasa da Rosanna Romano Dirigente per le Politiche Culturali e il Turismo della Regione Campania, Lucio d’Alessandro Rettore Università Suor Orsola Benincasa, Michele Pontecorvo Ricciardi Presidente Regionale … Read more

RIGHT DENIED from 2020 to 43 candidates awaiting the managerial role in Campania


Here is the letter received in the editorial office: To write we are 43 candidates waiting for the managerial role as winners of thecompetition for school leaders Campania 2011. We participated in the competition in2011 and we were included in the general merit ranking on 01/04/2021 by effectof the sentence of the Council of State … Read more