School canteens: Parma and Fano are leaders in quality when it comes to menu proposals

Listen to the audio version of the article Parma and Fano are the leading locations in Italy in the proposal of school menus. Black jersey instead in Reggio Calabria and Alessandria. The top list emerges with the ranking of the 7th rating of school menus published by Foodinsider. In the map of the most virtuous … Read more

The Solidarity Emporium is strengthened and activates the recovery of food from school canteens

Less than a year after opening, theSolidarity Emporium of Settimo expands and introduces new services. The recovery of food from the school canteens began on Monday 28 November. Fruits, cheeses, puddings, yoghurts and other non-perishable foods are collected and made available to the Emporium. «A way to contain food waste and at the same time … Read more

TOUL. On the menu of school canteens from Monday 5 to Friday 9 December


MONDAY Admiral College of Rigny : green salad, Vosges salad, tuna salad, mackerel, turkey fillet with mustard and honey, pollack back crumble, butter beans, heart of wheat, local natural yogurt, fresh cheese, gourmet fromage blanc, lime mousse, fruit , fruit yoghurts. Valcourt College and High School : seasonal raw vegetables/fish fillet with seafood sauce or Provençal-style Lorraine … Read more

Contract for school canteens in Carmiano: CGIL asks to review the project


LECCE – The municipal administration does not respond and the workers organize the protest in the street. The employees of the school canteens of the Municipality of Carmiano will demonstrate tomorrow, Tuesday 20 September, with a sit-in in front of the town hall. Between 9 and 11, in fact, they will participate in the initiative … Read more

School canteens, Foodinsider reveals: “A clear leap in quality for the service provided in Monteriggioni”


The quality of the menus and dishes served in the schools of Monteriggioni is growing. This is certified by the latest survey conducted by Foodinsider, the observatory on school canteens which monitors the state of the catering service every year to identify virtuous models and best practices. “We are very happy with this achievement, but … Read more

School canteens: Nîmes, Montpellier, Millau… have prices soared in the region because of inflation?


With galloping inflation for several months, especially on food products, some municipalities have sometimes had to resolve to increase the prices of meals in the canteen or to modify the menu. Midi Libre takes stock. The votes on the 2023 budgets, which will take place from December to March, will perhaps change the situation, but … Read more

School canteens: “50 to 60 cents more”, how inflation has entered children’s plates


It is an optional public service, and yet it imposes itself as an obligation, so important is its role in the daily lives of families. Many local authorities are also making school catering a major issue, not hesitating to cushion the cost of meals for their constituents. But inflation, extremely high in this sector, imposes … Read more

Vegetarian menus: Greenpeace denounces an obstacle to their implementation in school canteens


While the daily vegetarian option in school canteens is already a reality in more than 200 cities and towns [1]and that the multiple benefits of such a measure for the climate and health no longer need to be proven [2], a new decree could jeopardize the possibility of offering this daily vegetarian option in primary … Read more

School canteens: one in two children has access to the service, only 29% of schools have a canteen

73% of teachers and 88% of parents agree in assigning the school an important role in the nutrition education of the youngest, even if for 89% of parents the family continues to play the primary role. This is what emerges from the analysis “The state of the art of food education in Italy and the … Read more

Kairouan: Much remains to be done for school canteens | The Tunisian Press


School canteens are undoubtedly a place of sharing and conviviality allowing the student to feel that he belongs to his institution. By serving a healthy and balanced meal to school children throughout their school career, it helps to improve their performance and encourages them to make more efforts to succeed in their studies, especially if … Read more