Teacher card denied to a precarious girl for 5 years, the Court of Trani assigns him 2,500 euros. Anief: falls within the “recognition of the pre

The substitute teacher must be assigned the “Teacher card” and the relative bonus of 500 euros for each school year in which he worked: if it is a matter of five years of substitute work, then the reimbursement will be equal to 2,500 euros. This was confirmed by the Trani Labor Court examining the appeal … Read more

Teacher card 500 euros to temporary workers, even the Marsala judge agrees. Anief wins appeal

Judgments continue to arrive on a daily basis from North to South Italy that oblige the Ministry of Education to reimburse precarious teachers for the failure to assign them the teacher’s card of 500 euros per year. This time – after four o’clock in Vercelli – to pronounce, just three days ago, the Civil and … Read more

State school report card shows signs of student growth

Illinois students appear to be showing signs of academic rebound after a significant drop in performance after two years of learning disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s according to 2022 Illinois Report Card data to be released Thursday. It includes the results of the state’s standardized assessments in English language arts and mathematics administered each … Read more

Billy Elliot, book card of the Melvin Burgess novel | Studenti.it

BILLY ELLIOT A scene from the musical Billy Elliot – Source: getty-images Billy Elliot is a book by Melvin Burgessand tells the story of a boy whose dream is to become a ballet dancer. The story is set in 1984 during one strike by miners involving Jackie Elliot – part of Billy – and her … Read more

Back to school l Textbooks, free transport, youth card… aid 2022


Article updated on September 7, 2022 at 07:45 At the beginning of September the bell rang for everyone, from kindergarten to university. Feedback on the measures put in place by the Region, “so that money is not an obstacle to education”. ” The equality of chances “ for young people in the region “Guaranteeing equal … Read more

Do you use credit card? Be careful, you may be paying more


Monthly promotion without interest, benefit or torture? It is one of the many questions asked by those who use this type of payment method in department stores, or banks, that apply these promotions to attract more customers. According to the National Commission of Users for Financial Services (Condusef) in Sonora, the promotion of interest-free monthly … Read more

What is the Benito Juárez Scholarship Incorporation Request Card?


The Benito Juárez Scholarships are a set of priority programs which proposes to guarantee access to inclusive, equitable and quality education for students of all academic levels. ​These supports seek to eradicate school dropouts due to lack of economic resources. For this reason, this program is mainly aimed at students in situations of poverty and … Read more

Piero Angela, check the report card: surprising votes


Science, information, knowledge. The fixed points of Piero Angela they were few but very precise. Clear. And on these he built his success with him, with a very large audience that loved him until the end. The values ​​of his disclosure were explained very well by his son Alberto, in the beautiful speech at the … Read more

Beware of credit card purchases and home purchase loans: interest increased


for nine months the Bank of the Republic started raising your interest rate and the rumors started increase that would be suffered by interest on credits in Colombia. And although for a long time it was believed that it was something far away, that it would take time to arrive, the truth is that today … Read more

Dm 71. Mario Negri, Acli, Card, Asiquas e altre associaizoni criticano la riforma e chiedono correttivi. Il documento

Le diverse componenti che animano l‘Alleanza per la Riforma delle Cure Primarie in Italia ha stilato oggi un documento di analisi e proposta sul provvedimento di riforma dell’assistenza territoriale. Obiettivo: “Facilitare la traduzione nel concreto degli indirizzi del decreto, prospettando l’adozione di strumenti operativi e modalità innovative ed adeguate di misurazione delle attività e degli … Read more