“The school of Mario Lodi” at the National Central Library of Rome

The exhibition, a tribute to the important figure of the teacher, pedagogist and writer Editorial staff – 30 November 2022 The National Central Library of Rome houses the exhibition “The school of Mario Lodi”edited by House of Arts and Play – Mario Lodi and already exhibited in various Italian cities between 2015 and 2022, the … Read more

Puggelli closes his mandate as president of the Province: “Proud to have helped the institution to return central to the public debate” | Meadow TV

Penultimate day as president of the Province of Prato for Francesco Puggelli who will end his four-year term tomorrow. Here is the balance sheet for the mandate at Palazzo Banci Buonamici. “I am leaving this position satisfied with what I have achieved in the four years as president and aware that I have given the … Read more

Indochine Central Tour At the Cinema


Broadcast at the cinema of the CENTRAL TOUR, the monumental concert of the group INDOCHINE which was played to sold-out crowds in the 5 largest French stadiums. By bringing together more than 400,000 spectators, this anniversary tour of the group’s 40th anniversary smashed all attendance records in each of the stadiums, all disciplines combined (concert … Read more

“What does a sociologist do and why is it really important?” By Maurizio Dini Piccirilli, (Academic Sociology, Univ. Central Coquimbo)


We grew up in a time when the opposite of democracy was dictatorship. Today, in the XXI century, we face a new reality. The main threat to democracy is no longer governments backed by force of arms, but populism disguised as democracy. Without ideology, populism bases its success on unrealistic but very attractive offers and … Read more

Fond farewell for Central Okanagan Board school trustee – Kelowna Capital News Sky News


Retired school trustee Moyra Baxter received a touching farewell as she chaired her final Central Okanagan school board meeting on Wednesday. Sandwiched between its president’s final report to the board and a standing ovation from fellow directors and members of the public at the end of the meeting, Baxter was honored and received special recognition … Read more

ENERGETIC TRANSITION. How does the small town of Locminé, in central Brittany, take up the challenge of zero waste?


For ten years, the municipality of Locminé, located in the center of Brittany, has been committed to the path of sustainable development, aiming for zero carbon with great support from innovative and exemplary projects. The whole territory is particularly aware of the reduction of its waste and the fight against food waste. Since September, a … Read more

Industrial innovation at the central pharmacy of the Lille University Hospital


DSIH, TUESDAY OCTOBER 11, 2022 With the E-LoDi industrial chair, launched on September 23, the central pharmacy of the Lille University Hospital is experimenting with innovative technologies. The E-LoDi chair for “E-Logistics and Digitization of therapeutic management in health establishments”, inaugurated at the end of September at the central pharmacy of the Lille University Hospital, … Read more

All of wood, photovoltaic panels on the roof, an innovative central agora: inaugurated the new school of the Padule, ecological and inclusive


All in woodelectrically self-sufficient thanks to photovoltaic panels on the roof. Beyond 5 thousand meters garden squares (equipped with a tank to recover rainwater) for outdoor laboratories andoutdoor learning. Eight new classes (equipped with avant-garde furnishings and systems for the control of the bioclimate), laboratories and a large central agora for a increasingly inclusive teaching. … Read more

Guido Leone: The Calabrian school is central to the political commitment of the candidates for Parliament


“The school year has restarted in these days and there is no need to be happy. The pandemic continues to affect our lives and nothing changes for school. Everything has remained the same, the same inconveniences, the same problems as before “ -are the words of Guido Leonepublished through a press release. No ventilation systems,-continue … Read more