Marl. The Cinematographic Meetings in Pays de Brie and Champagne begin this evening

By Writing Coulommiers Published on 25 Nov 22 at 15:13 The Briard Country See my news Follow this media Wilfried Méance, host of the evening and director. ©DR The Cinematographic meetings in the Pays de Brie and Champagne take place on November 25 and 26. They have in store for us an eclectic program of … Read more

Cinema quiz: in which film do we drink this glass of champagne?


On the occasion of World Champagne Day, which took place on Friday, we offer you this quiz full of bubbles, where you will have to recognize nine scenes from films in which actors and actresses meet with a cup in their hands. Drinking in movies has given rise to many, many cult comedic scenes over … Read more

Champagne. The Ensemble Orchestral du Jura makes its cinema on October 7th and 8th


By Oceane Sainte-Marthe Published on 1 Oct 22 at 14:04 Voice of the Jura See my news Follow this media The Orchestral Ensemble has returned to rehearsals. (©Bernadette Tavernier) This year is not just one, but two concert dates what’Jura Orchestral Ensemble will honor the October 7 and 8 at the Oppidum of Champagnole. After … Read more