Affective dependence, when the couple becomes a limit: characteristics, causes and remedies

ITALY – From an early age we are taught that thelove corresponds to wanting to spend all time with your loved one and that if you don’t find “L‘other half of the apple” Yes is incomplete. This is the couple model and the love concept that society, through books, films and behavior patterns, tends to … Read more

Prefabricated modular architecture: characteristics and applications of the dry construction system |

(by R. Petruzzelli) There prefabrication is the general term by which we refer to any component manufactured in a different place from the last placement site. With reference to the building sector, it means the off-site construction of building elements, building components and / or subsystems of buildings. These forged in the factory, in a … Read more

The adventure novel: authors and characteristics |


ADVENTURE NOVEL What are the characteristics of the adventure novel? – Source: getty-images The characteristic elements of the adventure novel they are risk, danger, great emotions and challenges. Usually in adventure novels it is told of distant places where difficult and valiant feats are carried out. The protagonist is always a hero who, starting from … Read more

Buddhism: summary and characteristics |


BUDDHISM: SUMMARY Buddhism: summary and characteristics – Source: getty-images Buddhism means “path of the higher being”, derives from Hinduism and proposes a more vision philosophical-psychological than religious and is predominant in Asia. The founder and teacher is Siddhartha Gautama known as Shakyamuni, who lived between the 4th and 5th centuries. to. C. in northeastern India. … Read more

Extraordinary Competition bis: how the allocation of places takes place, the allocation of places set aside awaiting the winner, and the characteristics of the test and training course for the winners


In view of the start of the new school year it is useful summarize the main regulatory and administrative indications (or those issued by the Ministry in the form of notes, circulars, etc.) concerning the “extraordinary bis” competition. The insolvency procedure and the reference rules With the Law Decree 73/2021 art. 59 c. 9-bis the … Read more

Tetris classes, Region and Province to the Ministry: “Look at the characteristics of the territories”


SCHOOL – After the criticisms of the mayors, especially in the hinterland, the regional councilor Giorgia Latini and the president of the Province Sandro Parcaroli asked Minister Bianchi to pay attention to the internal areas and the seismic crater March 29, 2022 – 7:24 pm – loading readings The councilor Giorgia Latini and Giovanni Pozzari, … Read more

Homeric poems: characteristics and meaning |


The Homeric poems: the Iliad and the Odyssey Homeric poems: characteristics – Source: getty-images In ancient times, populations have always felt the need to tell legendary feats and stories of brave heroes. The purpose was to exalt military virtues or other human values ​​deemed important. These works, in the most ancient times, were celebrated by … Read more

Theme on poetry: definition and characteristics |


THEME ON POETRY Theme on poetry – Source: getty-images The word poetry it is defined by dictionaries as the art and technique of expressing ideas, emotions, fantasies and all possible feelings in verse. certainly poetry is also this, but for each of us the same verse can take on different meanings. Poetry is a gift … Read more

Agricultural Plants: MiTE guidelines on minimum characteristics and PNRR incentives


What are the minimum characteristics and requirements that a photovoltaic system should possess to be defined as “agrivoltaic”? To answer the Guidelines on Agricultural Plants released by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. The Document also defines the more advanced agricultural systems who can access PNRR incentives, and the characteristics of the others types of agricultural … Read more

Symbolism in literature: examples and characteristics |


SYMBOLISM IN POETRY Symbolism in poetry – Source: getty-images The symbolism it is, in literature, one of the literary and pictorial tendencies of the late nineteenth century, which continues to develop in the twentieth century. It is a literary and artistic movement that was born in France on the initiative of Jean Moréasauthor of the … Read more