“Futuro Moda”, success for the conference promoted by CNA of Ascoli Piceno and IIS “Guastaferro” ⋆ Latest news from Marche and Piceno: Chronicle, Sport, Events

Readings: 55 SAN BENEDETTO – Extremely positive balance for “Future Fashion”, the conference organized by CNA of Ascoli Piceno, CNA Federmoda and the Institute of Higher Education “Antonio Guastaferro” that in the afternoon of Friday 25 November hosted on the stage of themunicipal auditorium of San Benedetto some of the leading entrepreneurs and experts … Read more

At the Palazzo dei Congressi in Jesi, Luigi Ramini presents the book “Scacco al Re!” ⋆ Latest news from Marche and Piceno: Chronicle, Sport, Events

Readings: 17 JESI – Sunday 4 December at 17.00 at the Palazzo dei Convegni in Jesi, the official presentation of the book “Scacco al Re!” by the author Luigi Ramini edited by the Raffaello publishing house. The children’s book, published in October, is, to all intents and purposes, a real chess course in the … Read more

Discover the universe of our sea through diving | Daily Chronicle


Diving into the deep waters is the gateway to contemplate the wide marine biodiversity that exists in Comodoro, but at the same time invites reflection on the necessary and urgent environmental care. Hugo Lemos, a local diver, shared with Chronicle what diving means in your life and the call for attention that our sea makes … Read more

“USSR, the red empire”, on Arte: detailed chronicle of the history of the country of the soviets


Soviet propaganda poster from 1956. BILDERWELT GALLERY ARTE – TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25 AT 8:55 P.M. – DOCUMENTARY The defunct USSR (1922-1991), born just a century ago from the union between Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Transcaucasia (a region made up of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan ), has inspired numerous documentaries. Recently, some even struck the spirits … Read more

Chronicle L’Aire du Psy: The Court of Miracles


There have been The SEGPAs, this scandalous product offered in theaters to vomit Hanounesque humor, degrading the image of thosewhich according to presidential rhetoric, “would be nothing”. And then there is The Court of Miracles, released on September 28. Carine May and Hakim Zouhani are directing this magnificent film presented at Cannes. Under the Ancien … Read more

The migratory realities, in Civitanova Marche the regional conference of Forza Italia kicks off ⋆ Latest news Marche and Piceno: Chronicle, Sport, Events


Readings: 81 CIVITANOVA MARCHE – There is a different but equally urgent and delicate focus on the next working table of the Social Policies Department of Forza Italia, scheduled at the Miramare Hotel in Civitanova Marche (Viale Giacomo Matteotti, 1), tomorrow Monday 5 September 2022, at 9 pm: at the center of the … Read more

The College of Architects of Chubut celebrates its 10th anniversary | Daily Chronicle


On August 15, 2012, the College of Architects of Chubut was formally established, which since its inception had as a priority to defend and regulate the profession throughout the provincial territory, as well as to make available its concerns and knowledge to advise and accompany policies of urbanization, rearrangement and protection of heritage every time … Read more

Juncos: “If there is something that characterizes us, it is the care of each one of the inhabitants, the love and pride they feel for Rada Tilly” | Daily Chronicle


Within the framework of the 74th Anniversary of Rada Tilly, its mayor Luis Emilio Juncos spoke with Chronicle about the permanent development of the city and the pride of its inhabitants of belonging to the southernmost resort in Patagonia. “People are leaving the big cities to go live in quieter and smaller places. It happens … Read more

Luque seeks to promote productive projects in schools | Daily Chronicle


This Friday, Mayor Juan Pablo Luque toured the facilities of School No. 704 “Marine Biology”, where he held a meeting with its directors in order to advance in a joint effort to promote the projects that are developed there, as in each one of the educational establishments that have similar axes. The visit took place … Read more