Faced with the drop in cinema attendance, small regional cinemas are doing well

The National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image (CNC) revealed this Monday, October 3, a 30% drop in cinema attendance compared to 2019. In the absence of American blockbusters, the big structures are in difficulty while the most small manage to stand out. Experience the Interceltic Festival: The Interceltic Festival of Lorient 2022 The … Read more

Grand Narbonne: the hero of “Belle et Sébastien” on the poster for the Children at the Cinema festival

The 2nd edition of the Children at the Cinema festival will be held in Ouveillan and Sallèles-d’Aude from October 7th to 9th. Interview with Félix Bossuet, star of the film version of the cult series “Belle et Sébastien”, now 17 years old. He will be present at the screening of Nicolas Vanier’s film on Sunday … Read more

Pupi Avati: «Il mio Dante è stato Fellini». Sulla crisi del cinema: «Si torni all’ambizione»


«Un film necessario». Così Pupi Avati definisce il suo Dante, il film sul sommo poeta. Un racconto cinematografico sul Vate per eccellenza come raramente si è osato. Dal 29 settembre al cinema, ci mostra un giovane Dante Alighieri, interpretato da Alessandro Sperduti, con occhi estasiati d’amore per la soave Beatrice (Carlotta Gamba), e quindi amico … Read more

MaXoE Festival 2022 : Découvrez les Prix de la Rédaction ! (Cinéma / DVD, Livres / BD, Manga, MaXoE Land, Musique, PC, PS4, PS5, Télé / Séries)


À l’issue de la 9ème édition du MaXoE Festival de juin dernier, nous avons révélé début juillet celles et ceux qui ont remporté le Grand Prix des Lecteurs (GPL) 2022 dans chacune des sélections qui étaient soumises aux votes. Vous avez pu les découvrir au travers de nos nombreux dossiers et interviews que nous avons publiés … Read more

James Bond villains? According to one theory they are inspired by the bullies of Fleming’s nephew | Cinema


For years now we have been wondering who it will be James Bond after retiring from the role of Daniel Craig. The hypotheses have been wasted, without yet having a precise answer. But perhaps the question is wrong. Reading the recent statements by historical producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson that, before deciding which … Read more

Free cinema, theater and books star in ‘Read, Think and Imagine’ in Cartagena, with a cycle on mental health


CARTAGENA. Cinema, theater and books are the protagonists of the programming that the City Hall of Cartagena has launched within the quarterly program Read, Think, Imaginewhich includes a thirty activities between October and December. The complete program has been presented by the councilor for the area of ​​Culture, David Martinez Noguera; the Director General of … Read more

Zerodriving. Using cinema at school – Tice Tools


Article updated on October 1, 2022 by Fidel Navamuel Cinema is a great medium to enrich your teaching. The 7th art lends itself wonderfully well to use in many subjects. In French, in history, in languages ​​in EMC… An original medium that students love and which makes cinema a tool of choice for approaching many … Read more

Champagne. The Ensemble Orchestral du Jura makes its cinema on October 7th and 8th


By Oceane Sainte-Marthe Published on 1 Oct 22 at 14:04 Voice of the Jura See my news Follow this media The Orchestral Ensemble has returned to rehearsals. (©Bernadette Tavernier) This year is not just one, but two concert dates what’Jura Orchestral Ensemble will honor the October 7 and 8 at the Oppidum of Champagnole. After … Read more