Comida de hermandad del Colegio de Abogados con motivo de la fiesta de la Inmaculada

Héctor Fuentes Actualizado: 02/12/2022 22:16 Ver galería > El Ilustre Colegio de la Abogacía de Alicante (ICALI) retomó la comida de hermandad con motivo de la Festividad de la Inmaculada, patrona del colectivo, tras dos años de suspensiones por la pandemia. Como ya es tradicional, en ella se sirvió un cocido de ley. El banquete … Read more

Students from IES Plaza de la Cruz and Colegio Calasanz create a collaborative mural in La Milagrosa

Pamplona celebrates the International Day of the Educating City with the presentation of a collaborative project of students from two educational centers and local artists. It’s about a muralwhich is titled ‘Floriculture in generation Z’, made by forty students of 4th of ESO from IES Plaza de la Cruz and 3rd of ESO from Colegio … Read more

colegio jose de bergamin

colegio jose de bergamin problemas para entrar no.otros problemas despues si,lo mejor es que mires otros coles,para despues no tener que arrepentirte. Anónimo – 19/04/2010 22:53h colegio jose de bergamin ¿Por qué alomejor me arrepiento? ¿Tienes alguna referencia? Muchas Gracias colegio jose de bergamin Yo también quiero matricular a mi hijo, alguien me puede dar … Read more

Pope Francis, to the members of the Colegio Pío Latinoamericano: “Be pastors, not state clerics”


Pope Francis received this Monday in the Clementine Hall of the Vatican the members of the Colegio Pío Latinoamericano family: “These years in which you are in Rome are a time of grace that the Lord grants you to deepen your formation, not only on an intellectual and academic level, but also on to experience … Read more

Colegio de Medellín in the Florencia neighborhood has not been able to open for lack of “landscaping and doors”


The scene recreates the magnitude of what is happening: a school that should be serving 960 students today is surrounded by cans, canvas and bars corroded by mold. If the gaze is not sharpened, the structure could go unnoticed: the garbage that surrounds it and the rodents that have nested there deceive anyone who is … Read more

Colegio de San Ildefonso celebrates 30 years as a space to promote culture


MEXICO CITY.- This Saturday, November 26, the Colegio de San Ildefonso celebrated its 30th anniversary as a museum, cultural center and substantial venue for culture in Mexico, during which more than 140 exhibitions and more than 7 million attendees have been held. that somehow summarize the intense vocation of the once Jesuit College. It was … Read more

The 150 years of Colegio Lima San Carlos: the educational institution that trained José Santos Chocano


Thanks to the initiative of a group of parents, 150 years ago the Institute of Lima was born, today Colegio Lima San Carlos. This institution, which opened its doors in 1872, laid the foundations for a new educational technique in Peru. Before its founding, education was given in shelters, friar convent gates, municipal houses and … Read more

Vox mocks the “political violence” against Montero: “Bronquita de colegio de monjas”


The Vox deputy Victor Sanchez del Real mocked this Thursday the accusations of “political violence» aimed at his training on account of the words that his partner Carla Toscano dedicated this Wednesday to the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has accused the PP of lukewarmness and has complained that they have only begun to “erase” … Read more

Colegio de María La Baja strengthens its School Government to optimize quality


Cartagena the emblematic Agricultural Technical Ethno-educational Institution for Rural Development, of the municipality of María La Bajamade a new board of directors as a structural development of its school government and collegiate body that allows it to manage its educational services to plan, organize, manage, execute and supervise all the resources assigned by the Ministry … Read more

‘Christmas Show’, the gift of Colegio La Sierra for Valledupar | La Calle Weekly


As every year, La Sierra Internacional School (LASIS) of Valledupar, will offer a night of joy and joy to all the inhabitants of the city, who enjoy this great event, where smiles, imagination and dreams come true. they seize those who witness the magic of the parade. There are more than 500 children, parents, and … Read more