Shared school and company training, at the Alessandrini

Teramo. Linking the world of school to that of work has now become a contingent need forconvey the training courses to the working ones of our territory. The “ICARO” project was developed by the teachers of the “Alessandrini-Marino” of Teramo Luca Di Carlo, Giorgia Di Vincenzo and Pietro Galantini, and supported byHeadmaster, Dr. Manuela Divisi, … Read more

Vine shoot bricks: the precursor Neveu company

Example of insulating bricks made from vine shoots, an innovation currently being researched. The recent visit of Fridays of the Eco organized by the community of municipalities of the Estuary made it possible to discover the reignacaise company Neveu (building), founded in 1968, as well as their innovative project to manufacture insulating bricks based on … Read more

COMPANY / Workcenter joins the Black Friday discounts

Leader in communication and marketing services to companies and individuals, opens the week of Black Friday on November 21 with discounts of up to 50% on stationery and gift items Despite the fact that digitalization has conquered the lifestyle, stationery products will always be necessary, such as pens, notebooks, folders, always useful tools on any … Read more

At the De Felice Giuffrida in Catania the “Wine Makers”: to bring the company closer to the school


The “De Felice meets Wine Makers“, Created to bring the world of school closer to the realities of Etna entrepreneurship, with a view to creating a tangible bridge between the school universe, which in recent years is forming, through new courses of study, the professionals of tomorrow, and the world of the work represented by … Read more

“Safety in the workplace starts from the school desks”: the itinerant project in schools by the training company “Helvetica”


More and more often, we talk about safety at work but little is said about the culture of safety at work. The two definitions underlie a clear difference, explained to the children with the project: “Safety at work starts from the school desks” with what are the introductions by the referent Sabrina Paola Piancone, for … Read more

At Orientalamente workshops, stands and company spaces to discover the “right” school


Today, Saturday, at the Lavello in Calolzio the start of the 12th review aimed at eighth grade students and their families The participation of local schools is very high and the contribution of local companies is fundamental in a continuous comparison between training and work CALOLZIO – Twenty-seven didactic laboratories to touch the subjects dealt … Read more

“Patagonia de Sangre” by the La Canalla Theater Company will be presented this week in Punta Arenas | OvejeroNews


The theatrical proposal includes the participation of the communities through the dramaturgical exercise, managing to rescue the memories of the participants and their ancestors. “Patagonia de Sangre” is the new theatrical proposal that La Canalla is developing with the support of the Cielos del Infinito Arts Festival and financed by the National Fund for the … Read more

Scarpellino: the Headmaster cannot and must not “pose” as a Company Manager by loading the staff and students with improper tasks


We report Scarpellino’s statements during the event “Design, tradition and craftsmanship between Italy and Spain” organized by the Cervantes Institute of Naples, the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples and the Foqus Foundation: The Technical and Vocational Institutes constitute a relevant training segment of the secondary education of second grade and are aimed at integrating … Read more

Laundry, school and gym: so now the company can improve life


from Jacopo Storni Stanzani Spa is one of the five companies awarded at the Festival of Civil Economy. Among the welfare services for employees there is also an Academy and a multifunctional bonus In one hand the briefcase, in the other the bag of dirty clothes. THE employees will be able to enter the company … Read more