Prefabricated modular architecture: characteristics and applications of the dry construction system |

(by R. Petruzzelli) There prefabrication is the general term by which we refer to any component manufactured in a different place from the last placement site. With reference to the building sector, it means the off-site construction of building elements, building components and / or subsystems of buildings. These forged in the factory, in a … Read more

Construction begins on the Intercultural University in Ixtenco


Residents of San Juan Ixtenco experienced euphoria yesterday with the official start of the physical construction of the Intercultural University of Tlaxcalathe first institution of its kind in the state that will be theirs and for them. and although the completion of the building has been projected for the second half of 2023school activities could … Read more

Elections 2022 and school: precarious work, salaries, construction, pensions. The programs of the parties in comparison. UPDATED WITH ITALEXIT

The political clash for the 2022 electoral campaign gets to the heart. Elections scheduled for 25 September. School is one of the topics on which the political clash has been in full swing for a few weeks. Let’s compare the programs of the parties. Italexit School staff and salaries Recruitment and Wage Improvement Program. Salaries … Read more

Antognini, emergency accommodation in Ancona: homeless man in the school building site after the construction has stopped


ANCONA During the week the seismic adaptation works will resume at Antognini schools in via Bramante, but before starting work the workers will have to contend with a group of foreigners who have created a sort of bivouac on the upper floors of the building complex. To denounce what is happening is a group of … Read more

Who is Francisco Arturo Pérez, construction manager of the Rébsamen school


The CDMX Prosecutor’s Office announced that he is wanted Francisco Arturo Perez and offers a reward of one million pesos to anyone who gives information about him, which helps his capture. This is the General Director of Construction of the Enrique Rébsamen School who collapsed during the earthquake of September 19, 2017. What consequence 26 … Read more

The final project for the construction of the new “Repubblica” school has been approved


The administrative process that will lead to the construction of the new Scuola Repubblica continues. After the conclusion of the Conference of services, with the positive acquisition of the expected opinions of the competent and interfering Bodies, the Municipality of Cattolica approved this morning the final design of the new school building presented by the … Read more

Back to school with the knot of removals: construction sites within the year in 4 institutes. Here are which ones


PESARO – Back to school, the school year restarts and the municipal educational services manage the planning of enhancement interventions, extraordinary maintenance and construction of new complexes, within the scope of funds Pnrr. More welcoming environments, maintenance, efficiency and the process already started for the stabilization of the teaching staff between teachers and educators. These … Read more

Pnrr, research and education. In Trieste 11 million for construction …


08.19.2022 – 08.30 – There are 11 million euros under the NRP assigned to the municipality of Trieste for research and education. The aim is to enhance the offer of educational services, from nursery schools to universities. The municipal administration had applied for access to the funds in March and June of this year, winning … Read more

The prefab construction market is expected to expand at a steady pace over the period 2022


Market overview The prefabricated building market is estimated to be $ 227.7 billion. Along with an increase in the CAGR of 6.85% by 2030.It deals with the production of components of a building at the factory site. In addition, the components are brought to the construction site. Plus everything is assembled to complete the building. … Read more