New government, difficult to raise funds for the school contract. Worst scenario of public finances, struggle to avoid provisional exercise

It will be almost impossible to have more funds than those already allocated for the renewal of the school contract. The unions are asking for more than 100 euros for a raise, but the money is simply not there. The union forces hope that the executive can recover some funds, same wish of the Aran, … Read more

April (Uil Scuola): politicians stop raiding the school, the contract must establish everything

“Avoid the incursion of politicians into the school and establish everything through the contract, which must be actualized”. She said it Giuseppe D’Aprile, general secretary of the Uil Scuolawhich has put its hands on the politicians by stating that it is by bargaining that the rules of regulation must be established. D’Aprile participated in the … Read more

Improvisation, “unbearable stress”… The hassle of contract teachers recruited for the start of the school year


3:45 p.m., September 21, 2022 Twenty primary schools. This is the number of schools in which Pauline has worked – the first name has been changed -, since her debut as a contract teacher in 2017. ” I happened to work with four different levels in the same week “says the one who had already … Read more

Park Min Young, Go Kyung Pyo, And Kim Jae Young Praise Their Chemistry On First Filming Of “Love In Contract”


tvN’s upcoming drama “Love in Contract” has shared a behind-the-scenes look at their first shoot! “Love in Contract” is a new romantic comedy about a service that provides fake wives to singles who need partners to take to social gatherings, such as school reunions and dinners for married couples. Park Min Young will star in … Read more

Renewal of ATA personal contract, Aran proposal to trade unions: increase in DSGA responsibility, elimination of the AS range. The news. Anief calls for changes

The further meeting at Aran on the renewal of the CCNL School regarding the professional organization of ATA personnel took place today: the administration’s proposal continues to be really disappointing. The representatives Anief Cristina Dalpino, Giovanni D’Errico, Martino Todaro and Teresa Vitiello reiterated this this morning. “For the umpteenth time we have confirmation that the … Read more

Renewal of the School Contract, Teachers and ATA, latest News


Today 6 September 2022 a meeting was scheduled at theAran to discuss the renewal of the school contract involving teachers and ATA staffwhen it comes to renewal obviously also speaks of salary increases and in some cases of arrearsin the article we take stock of the situation with all the latest news and we will … Read more

Contract teachers talk about their back to school


This fall, we only talk about them. The 3,000 new contract workers recruited by National Education to make up for the lack of tenured teachers. Because this year, more than 4,000 positions have not been filled in the teaching competitions. And Pap Ndiaye has repeatedly recalled that the percentage of contract teachers was now 1% … Read more

REPORTAGE. Back to school: how are new contract teachers who are preparing to practice trained?


A back-to-school atmosphere hovered at the Charlemagne high school in Paris, on the morning of Tuesday, August 23. Some anxious faces and others more relaxed are present pamong the 220 contract workers recruited by the Paris Academy for the start of the school year. >> Back to school 2022: the shortage of teachers worries, less … Read more

Back to school: contract teachers thrown “into the deep end with a pierced buoy” according to the SNES


Orange with Media Services, published on Monday, August 22, 2022 at 5:21 p.m. Less than two weeks before the start of the school year, the teachers’ unions are sounding the alarm. Faced with 4,000 vacant teaching posts, the Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye promised greater use of contract teachers. Contract workers who will be … Read more

Renewal of the contract for local authorities, Ancodis: “And if we were inspired by the renewal of the CCNL school?

The hypothesis of a national collective agreement for local functions was signed. Ancodis highlights an important novelty for the staff of the municipal preschool. In the hypothesis, the revision of the personnel classification system was envisaged according to the modern organizational and management needs of local authorities with particular attention to highly qualified organizational positions … Read more