The Aflokkat campus: a new higher education offer for students in Corsica with the ECMA, EMMA and ESIA schools

Aflokkat, a major island player in training for more than 12 years, is opening 3 new schools in Ajaccio and Bastia. It is based on its proximity to the local economic fabric and its knowledge of business needs that Aflokkat initiated the creation of its campus. Under the Campus Aflokkat banner are grouped the 3 … Read more

In Corsica, sign language seeks to find a place in school

It is a small step not without importance of the Pôle Deafness of Corsica. An approval, issued by the Academy of Corsica and with the support of Maïf, gives the association the right to operate in the school environment to raise awareness in classes about sign language. In concrete terms, members will be able, as … Read more

CASE. Where are we in the fight against school bullying and cyberbullying in Corsica?


Relatively spared by this scourge which each year claims more than 700,000 victims in France, Corsica nevertheless deplores cases of school harassment. “We are at 549 acts of violence of different levels over 5 years, which gives us an average of 110 cases per year, all degrees combined, indicates Michel Pifferini, academic referent harassment in … Read more

Which ministers have chosen Corsica for their holidays?


After Emmanuel Macron, whose holidays “studious” in Brégançon (Var) began almost a week ago, place for ministers, on leave after the end of parliamentary work, with the usual directives not to stray too far from Paris. The members of the government had been asked to remain in their posts until the end of the debates … Read more