How some engineering schools value student engagement in their courses

In engineering schools, community involvement can sometimes earn ECTS credits. Some establishments have even made it compulsory in the curriculum. The associative life of engineering schools is particularly rich. From the beginning of the school year, students have the opportunity to take part in voluntary activities within associations, in various fields. This investment contributes to … Read more

Free online courses: Developer.NET, Magento Store Management and Digital Marketing Management

New opportunities for online training with free Developer.NET courses, Store Management with Focus on Magento 2 and Digital Marketing Management. The didactic proposals, organized by SIA Servizi Integrati Assindustria, are open to candidates unemployed or unemployed and will start from 03 October 2022. Let’s see all the details on the training courses and how to … Read more

High school courses of CPIA, IIS Penna and IIS Artom presented


On Wednesday 21 September, the High School Pathways of CPIA, IIS Penna and IIS Artom were presented at the Piazza Leonardo da Vinci headquarters of the Asti State Institute of Adult Education (CPIA 1 Asti). In the presence of the School Managers, the paths were illustrated to the students.Particularly exciting was the intervention of former … Read more

Open to the city, the School of Arts and Design is strengthening its offer of internships and public courses


A… An eclectic proposal “This is one of the fundamental missions of artistic schools”, recalls Jean-François Dumont, the director of the structure, about these sessions open to all, and long nicknamed “evening classes”. “This openness to the outside public is really part of our establishment objectives”, continues the director who intends to promote “amateur practices”. … Read more

Campogalliani theater school: registration is open for courses for children and adults


MANTOVA – Also this year the Francesco Campogalliani Theater Academy has made available its consolidated experience, which lasts uninterrupted, for 76 years, organizing a theater school aimed at all those (young and old) who are interested in entering the world of theater directlypracticing all the disciplines connected to it and not only recitative, but also … Read more

Eurosophy launches two refresher courses to convey Inclusion: one on how to fill in the New IEP based on ICF and one on two specific disorders

Eurosophy, for many years has specialized in training courses dedicated to the theme of school inclusion. Two technical / practical training courses will be launched in the coming weeks. The interactive lessons will be broadcast live and the video recordings and slides will remain available in the reserved area of ​​the students. Timeline for the … Read more

Label Digital Marketing School: the first 4 Labeled training courses | Viuz


4 training courses receive the Label awarded by the 3 professional associations of Digital Marketing, the CPA, the DMA France and Alliance Digitale (which now brings together the IAB France, and the Mobile Marketing Association). The Digital Marketing School label attests to the adequacy of their teaching with the expectations of the professional world. The … Read more

Military gymnastics, courses at the Nautico gymnasium. Unions rise up: “Paramilitary activities in a school building”


“Unicobas Scuola considers it very serious that a gymnasium owned by the Province, currently in use by a public school for the educational activities of motor science, is granted to a company for those that are configured as paramilitary activities“. The complaint came in recent days from the Unicobas union, which explained how on September … Read more

“Sheltered in 8 minutes” Shooting and first aid courses in school bunkers


from by Viviana Mazza. sent to Kiev The principal says: «The walls have been repainted with cheerful colors to arouse the curiosity of the children». Compulsory underground spaces of adequate size for the number of students Nurse Tetyana waits for her 5 and 7-year-old daughters at the exit of the school among the Soviet high-rises … Read more

Back to school for Infant and Primary courses in the Canary Islands


This Friday, September 9, the return to school for the minors of the Archipelago has taken place, and the schools have had different initiatives This Friday, September 9, school has started for the Infant and Primary courses in the Canary Islands. Source: Marta Fernandez / EP This Friday the school stage has begun for the … Read more