The new curriculum received contributions from 75 institutions, the majority from the ruling party

The new school curriculum that is intended to be applied starting this year received contributions from 75 institutions, most of them related to the Government. Teachers assure that none of their suggestions were incorporated into this new plan. “Several organizations presented their proposals for the development of the new curricular plan,” Fernando Carrión, coordinator of … Read more

Bullying, Rusconi (ANP Rome): ‘We need a flexible curriculum, kids have to stay at school even in the afternoon’

In the Senate, a meeting on online bullying and baby gangs – crisis of values, behavior and identity of the younger generations’ promoted by Vice President of the Senate, Maurizio Gasparri, with prefects, psychiatrists and sector operators to take stock of the state of the art. Representing the world of school Mario Rusconi, president of … Read more

CvLab: many Umbrian students at curriculum vitae workshops


A trait d’union between the understanding of one’s talent, the acquisitions of one’s school career and the development of the skills and abilities necessary for the transition from completing higher education to the world of higher education or to the world of work. After the success of last school year, a new edition of the … Read more

How to mainstream ESI contents throughout the school curriculum | Interview with specialist Mariana Dapuez


“The teacher began to narrate the mathematical problems taking current legislation in our country. For example, ‘Juan and José are getting married, they have 380 guests and they have to divide it into nine tables’. As soon as she narrated the problem, her students told her ‘teacher was wrong: it must be Juana and José, … Read more

From cleaning to saving, the changes in the 2023 curriculum


Cleaning, robotics, violence prevention and financial economy that addresses savings, among others, are the changes brought by the new curricular or study plan prepared by the Ministry of Education. This brand new program will be applied in the educational units from the year 2023. “Among the changes that the new plans and programs have are: … Read more

Minedu: When will the new school curriculum in Peru 2023 be ready? | The popular


The schools in Peru would have a new curriculum that is developed by the Government of peter castle. The Ministry of Education (Minedu) approved the latest version of that document in 2016, currently this is the guideline that governs school students in our country in all eleven years of study (first of primary to fifth … Read more

Curriculum theory and teacher training. Part II


Some authors consider that the use of the term content resume it goes back to the Greece of Plato and Aristotle, and enters fully into the pedagogical language when schooling became a mass activity. So the modern concept of resume and its conceptual construction, is directly linked to the development of industrialized societies, to the … Read more

Harvard Business School integrates a case study dedicated to Navya in its MBA curriculum to illustrate autonomous mobility


VILLEURBANNE, France, October 28, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Regulatory News: NAVYA (FR0013018041- Navya), a leader in autonomous mobility systems, has been selected by Harvard Business School to represent autonomous mobility in its new case study which will be taught, starting this fall, in their MBA program. In view of its growing importance and the leading role it will … Read more

Pioneer in the region: Colegio La Cruz implements a robotics and programming workshop in its curriculum


The Machalino establishment imparts to its students project-based learning with an interdisciplinary and transversal approach. Recently, Colegio La Cruz added a complete robotics and programming program to its curriculum, with the aim of developing computational thinking, a problem-solving logic typical of the times. The innovative educational project, called SmartTEAM, is implemented in more than 40 … Read more

New school curriculum in Peru: when will the document that will govern from 2023 be ready?

The Government of President Pedro Castillo develop a new national curriculum for schools in Peru. The latest version of this document was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2016 and to date it governs the learning of children, adolescents and young people during their 11 years of schooling. With the recent guide, students are … Read more