Samuel Le Bihan: his autistic daughter Angia, his “mission in life”

SAMUEL LE BIHAN. On the poster for the TV movie “Don’t worry, I’m here” this Wednesday on France 2, Samuel Le Bihan comes to deal with a subject he knows well as the father of an autistic girl… This Wednesday, September 28, Samuel Le Bihan is showing a TV movie that he himself inspired, on … Read more

“Let English pay for the death of my daughter”: mother of María Camila Velandia, a teenager who died on an excursion

Outraged, sad and disillusioned with Colombian justice is Mónica Prieto, mother of María Camila Velandia, the young English School student who lost her life during a pedagogical trip to the Amazon in 2014, when two boats collided in the river at dawn on the 2 October. “I handed over my daughter alive and they returned … Read more

EXCLUDED – Patrick Sébastien, his rare secrets on the “school phobia” of his daughter Lily – Gala


As he prepares to release a book on the hardships he has just gone through, Patrick Sébastien granted Gala an interview in our issue of September 22, 2022. The former presenter of France 2 talks about the school difficulties of his 15-year-old daughter Lily. Patrick Sébastien lives again. The animator-producer publishes a book entitled Live … Read more

She loses custody of her daughter after denouncing the incestuous violence of her ex


In full separation after being the victim of domestic violence, Pauline denounced the sexual violence of her ex-husband on their 3-year-old daughter. But since then, she has lost custody of her child, now placed in foster care. Pauline called RMC for help. Her journey is that of thousands of other women, victims of domestic violence. … Read more

“The school did not take the necessary care or follow up on the harassment my daughter suffered”


Carlos A., the father of the 10 year old girl who last Friday tried to take his own life by not supporting the harassment she suffered from schoolmates Agustín Gericóis convinced that the school did not do what was in its power to prevent what happened. “Our daughter told us what was happening and we … Read more

«Bolero wakes up my daughter so she can go to school»


Lucía Sánchez, graduated in Law from the Autonomous University of Madrid, specialized in intellectual property. She is the daughter of Paco de Lucia and the guitarist’s first wife, Casilda Varela, she gets emotional when she tells us about the Foundation and the tribute ‘Infinito’; that was made to his father last July at the Teatro … Read more

INTERVIEW – Laëtitia Milot eliminated from Mask Singer: “I really did this show for my daughter” – Gala


This Tuesday, September 6, TF1 broadcast a new issue of Mask Singer. Laëtitia Milot, who was hiding under the costume of La Souris, had to leave the adventure. For, the actress has agreed to return to this experience. The adventure has come to an end for Laëtitia Milot. In a new issue of Mask … Read more

‘I’m going to rape you’: mother narrates what her daughter lived in a private school in Quito


Referential image. The mother of a 9-year-old girl requests the removal of the authorities from a private school in Quito. Photo: Pixabay. On his Instagram account, Stacy Samaniego revealed what her 9-year-old daughter lived in a private campus of Quito. According to her mother’s account, a boy three years older than her daughter told her … Read more

Children’s Day: this is how I changed the way I give toys to my daughter


Cintia Gonzalez Oviedo, director of Bridge The Gap, reflects on her own journey as a mom. “It has nothing to do with what you have in your head, but with your identity.” “Had all the traditional gender stereotypes, that if I have a girl, it will be ‘like this’. As I studied and trained in … Read more

Cosmetology: mother and daughter found a school in San Juan de Lurigancho


At 72 years old, Mrs. Victoria Huaman López maintains intact the passion for cosmetology that led her to study it in the classrooms of the technological school of her native Huancayo, when she was not yet of legal age. “When I came to Lima to work in the house of a French lady, I told … Read more