Aragon joins the celebration of the European Day of Languages

Aragon joins the celebration of the European Day of Languages this Monday with an expanded program of activities aimed at promoting the value of Europe’s languages and, in general, of which spoken in Aragon: Castilian, Aragonese and Catalan. “This initiative of the Council of Europe aims to promoting richness and linguistic and cultural diversitywith the … Read more

Message for the World Day for the Prevention of Unintentional Adolescent Pregnancy

The problem requires public policies that recognize the rights of the adolescent population and guarantee concrete actions to make them effective. “Unintentional”, “unwanted”, “unforeseen” are ways of characterizing pregnancies that are not the consequence of a previous purpose, but occurred due to the lack of use of contraceptive methods in sexual relations, due to failure … Read more

Appia Day


Luigi Fusco -Everything ready for the event Appia Day – Since 312 bC scheduled for next October 2nd. The initiative, born from an idea of ​​the architect Massimiliano Rendina, professor at the Department of Architecture of the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, is promoted by the Italian Touring Club and includes guided visits to the … Read more

Slow Food: let’s change the school canteens, which 2 million young people eat every day in Italy


More than 2 million students eat lunch in Italian school canteens every day: these are mostly girls and boys enrolled in kindergarten and primary schools, but the calculation also includes a (albeit reduced) quota of girls and boys who attend lower secondary schools. And considering the numbers, changing the way we eat at school means … Read more

Festival del Buon Vivere: the program of the final day of Sunday 25 September


The last day of the Festival del Buon Vivere 2022 could only be unmissable, with a dozen events scattered throughout the places of the BV. Definitely worth mentioning are the four that will be held at the Church of San Giacomo: the presentation at 5 pm in Isola, a book written by the speaker of … Read more

“Umoja Afro Kids Day”: Afro


Afro Kids Day (poster) The Panafrican-Umoja League is launching, on September 24, 2022, a new concept: “Umoja Afro Kids Day*”. This is a day dedicated to children and Afrocentric education, in partnership with the Front de Mères. The Verdragon space, located at 14, rue de l’Épine prolonged, in Bagnolet (93170) was chosen as the setting … Read more

Yamaha Music Academy. Open day, repeated on Sunday


Emanuele Ventriglia -After last Sunday’s Open Day, the Yamaha Music Academy repeats. The appointment is for Sunday 25 September (via Napoli 8 – 0823/422193) at the headquarters of San Nicola la Strada. The director of the Academy Mena Santacroce recalls: «We will be open from 10 to 13 and from 16 to 20 for free … Read more

Third day of the Trani Dialogues, rock evening with Piero Pelù


The third day of the Dialogues begins (9.30) with coffee and newspaper reading from the Dimore Marinare (Vico Statuti Marittimi, 3) in the company of the journalist and literary critic Piero Dorfles And Anna Puricella, journalist from Repubblica-Bari. A unique opportunity to meet and question the most beloved professor of the historic TV format “For … Read more

Strong enthusiasm throughout the territory of Martinique for the national school sports day


The national day of school sport took place this Wednesday, September 21, 2022. This 13th edition was placed under the sign of the inclusion of children with disabilities, and the resumption of the practice of sporting activity for all. Several events were set up in schools and mobilized nearly 2,000 young people. Daniel BÉTIS – … Read more

Day without car and motorcycle: Bogotá, Cali, Montería, Ibagué, more cities


Columbia joins the World Car Free Daywhich is celebrated this September 22, with days in which, precisely, In some cities of the country, the circulation of motor vehicles, such as motorcycles and private cars, is restrictedat a certain time. Know what are the cities and municipalities that this week advance these days whose objective is … Read more