‘The defense of the sea’, three days of appointments between Morin, Cardarelli and Via del Molo

The event ‘La Difesa del Mare’ was presented this morning in the Province, scheduled for 10, 11 and 12 October next, project on the international theme BPW 2021-2024 – New Actions Trough Cooperation, developed by the Fidapa Bpw Italy Section of La Spezia in collaboration with the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea, … Read more

They announced the program of the Artistic Days in UADER | Analysis

The Culture Area of ​​the Secretary of University Extension and Human Rights FHAyCS announced the program of the Conference “Meeting of knowledge and artistic experiences in an open-door University”. The activities are free and open to the general public. Certificates of attendance will be delivered. Most activities require prior registration. Conversations, workshops, courses, exhibitions, musical … Read more

Tensions for two days without heating at school, near Saint


CONTROVERSY. Monday September 26 and Tuesday September 27, the classrooms of the Paul-Claudel kindergarten and primary school were not heated. Parents of students immediately arrested the mayor. A reaction that surprised the municipality, faced with a problem with a service provider. In Wassy, ​​a small town of 2,819 inhabitants south of Saint-Dizier, tempers quickly heat … Read more

Sabana de Torres School, with 4,500 students, completes ten days of strike


yesThere are multiple and complex situations that led to students from the Madre la Esperanza Integrated School in the municipality of Sabana de Torres (Santander) beginning an indefinite cessation of activities for ten days. Among the situations that have motivated the protest, to which parents have already joined, is the dismal state of the educational … Read more

Near Nantes: this town returned to four days, the tensions accentuated at the leisure center


By Laurent Fortin Published on 22 Sep 22 at 8:30 The Weekly of Sèvre et Maine See my news Follow this media École Henri-Lesage is one of four public school groups. ©Hebdo de Sèvre et Maine. Change to four school days per week The main novelty of this Back to School at Vertouwas the transition … Read more

Teacher performs substitutes for 707 days without ancillary individual remuneration: the Court returns 3,867 euros plus interest

The work of restitution to teachers of the professional remuneration of precarious teachers continues: the sum, equal to 174.50 euros per month, denied to all precarious teachers (as well as the CIA to Ata staff), has been systematically denied by the State, but for some time the judges take care to put things right, at … Read more

The 10 most important measures of ANSES in 1000 days of management of the National Government


Within the framework of the 1000 days of management of the national government, the executive director of ANSES, Fernanda Raventareviewed the main policies carried out from ANSES. “Today marks the 1,000th day of management by the national government. From ANSES we are proud to be able to accompany each of the Argentine men and women … Read more

School calendar in Europe, in Italy more school days like Denmark. RESEARCH Eurydice

European countries differ considerably as regards the articulation of school calendars. In all school systems, teachers are expected to perform many other tasks beyond teaching hours, including bureaucratic-administrative activities, teaching organization and planning, pupil evaluation and school-family relationships. These facets of teachers’ activities are not always detailed in employment contracts, but are often based on … Read more

Finale Emilia, three open days to discover the “Enzo Suffritti” music school


FINALE EMILIA – Three days to discover the educational offer for the school year 2022-2023, get to know the teachers, try the tools and, if desired, enroll directly in the courses. These are the open days of the Enzo Suffritti Music School in via Monte Grappa 6, the Finale headquarters of the Carlo and Guglielmo … Read more

Three days dedicated to wines and food and wine products


The presentation of the “Review of wines of Galluccio and Terra di Lavoro” took place on 12 September at the Provincial Enoteca of Caserta, scheduled for 16, 17 and 18 September at Palazzo Mattia Seccareccia in Galluccio. The Review, addressed to experts in the sector, is part of the “46th Grape Festival” … Read more