The Seville Bar Association seeks a new dean

Oscar Cisneros will not be eligible for re-election as dean of the Seville Bar Association, whose superior board will leave after 28 years occupying different positions, the last four as the head of said body. Therefore, this illustrious collegiate entity, based in the central Chapineros street, is looking for a new dean. The appointment will … Read more

Dean of the College of Nursing demands better working conditions for health personnel

The dean of the College of Nursing assures that the pandemic made the role of nurses in Peru visible, however, she stressed that the effort made is not fully recognized. (Andean) The work that the nurses and nurses It has been evidenced with greater force during the pandemic by the Covid-19. Thus, a few days … Read more

Emigdio Tormo Ródenas, former dean of the College of Attorneys of Elche, dies


“You have to write my memoirs,” Emigdio Tormo Ródenas (Elche, 1936-2022) told me many times. He heard him say it over and over again every time he went to ask him about the status of the attorneys or new projects for the century-old Acequia Mayor del Pantano. And the same phrase always haunted my head: … Read more

Peru is the second country in America with the most cases of monkeypox, warns the Dean of the Medical College of Peru


The pediatrician doctor Raúl Urquizo, Dean of the Medical College of Peruwarned that the country is the second in America with the most cases of monkeypox and argued that more information is needed from the Ministry of Health (minsa). “In a few weeks we have significantly increased the number of cases. In America we are … Read more

José María Alonso, dean of the Madrid Bar Association | Counselors Magazine


“We have a judicial system without corruption but in which each judge is like a Taifa king” “The judges depend on the General Council of the Judiciary, the lawyers of the Administration of Justice depend on the Ministry of Justice, and the officials, on the community of Madrid, all within the same office. Well, of … Read more

Óscar Cisneros, dean of the Seville Bar Association:


Every July 12th, the Day of Free Justice and the Official Shift are celebrated. A service exercised by the Bar Associations that guarantees the access of citizens in equal conditions to Justice. But it is also a protest day because the lawyers continue to carry out fundamental work to the proper functioning of democracy but … Read more

INTERVIEW: Manuel Egea, Dean of the Illustrious Bar Association of Lucena: “The Bar Association will recover harmony and its image abroad”


Manuel Egea Manrique, 59 years old, 32 as a legal professional, is from this Thursday the new Dean of the Lucena Bar Association. This was decided by the members in the elections held on June 24. Egea knows well the ins and outs of a Governing Board, not in vain it has been a member … Read more

Dean of the Medical College of Peru: “The idea of ​​carrying out the Military Parade must be suspended immediately”


A few days ago, the Minister of Defense, José Luis Gavidia, stated that the Government is evaluating the possibility of carrying out the parade of the Great Military Parade in honor of the national holidays that are celebrated in our country. Given this, in communication with Infobae, the dean of the Medical College of Peru, … Read more

18 new attorneys are sworn in at a ceremony in which Laura Oliver is named Honorary Dean of the college she led for eight years


The College of Attorneys of Valencia has held the swearing-in ceremony for its new members. 18 new attorneys join the day-to-day of the attorney in different judicial instances of the city of Valencia. During the same act badges have been imposed on 80 attorneys who have reached 25 years of profession. This edition is special … Read more