GRANDSTAND. “Uniform at school: when the debate goes astray”

Here is his platform: “The press echoed this week a bill which would be carried by certain deputies of the majority proposing to establish the compulsory wearing of school uniform. An old sea serpent with Anglo-Saxon inspirations , presented as a miracle cure for the ills that plague the French school. School harassment, attack on … Read more

Puggelli closes his mandate as president of the Province: “Proud to have helped the institution to return central to the public debate” | Meadow TV


Penultimate day as president of the Province of Prato for Francesco Puggelli who will end his four-year term tomorrow. Here is the balance sheet for the mandate at Palazzo Banci Buonamici. “I am leaving this position satisfied with what I have achieved in the four years as president and aware that I have given the … Read more

The school in debate for the 38th Days of Larrazet


the essential After two blank years, the Days of Larrazet return this weekend to the Maison de la culture for two days of exchanges around the theme “Thinking and living in school”. “Reflecting and inhabiting the school”. This is the vast subject that will occupy speakers and participants this weekend of November 19 and 20 … Read more

The national education budget adopted without debate at first reading after the activation of 49.3


In the procession of the demonstration against the reform of professional streams, high school students, especially from general streams, rub shoulders with teachers, in Marseille, on October 18, 2022. THEO GIACOMETTI/HANS LUCAS FOR “THE WORLD” No vote or discussion in the National Assembly on the government’s budgetary choices in terms of school education. After the … Read more

Tough debate between Bolsonaro and Lula hours before the ballot


vanessa abalos Special envoy in Brazil The last presidential debate for this Sunday’s ballot began yesterday at 9:30 p.m. (same time in Argentina) on the O Globo television channel with the participation of President Jair Bolsonaro, of the Liberal Party, and former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, for a coalition of forces led by … Read more

Interest rates, Elon Musk on Twitter, debate in Brazil and more in El Despertador


🔴 Business: Banco de la República reviews interest rate hike The Bank of the Republic meets from the morning to define a new increase in the price of money. The finance minister and the central bank board will examine the situation of the dollar market, but without the possibility of intervening. In recent days the … Read more

The Badaoui case stirs the debate on state Islamophobia

A week has passed since Amarouch Azbir and Mohamed Said Badaoui, residents of Vilanova de la Geltrù and Reus, respectively, were arrested by the police to execute the expulsion order that weighed on both of them. The activists found themselves in this situation after they applied for Spanish nationality after 30 years of residence in … Read more

Nantes vineyard. In Vallet, the film Drunk will open an evening debate on alcohol addiction


By Writing Clisson Published on 13 Oct 22 at 17:33 The Weekly of Sèvre et Maine See my news Follow this media The evening is organized by the association VISA ©HSM Their last event dated back to 2018. The health crisis had forced theVISA association (Living without alcohol) to postpone the meeting, which finally takes … Read more

Comandante Andresito hosted the Debate Talk on interventions in cases of violence in the school and family environment


The activity on violence in the school and family environment was held in the Cospval event room. In addition to the local mayor, Secundino Rafael López, Official Defender of Instruction No. 3 Puerto Iguazu; Petronio Rafael Piris Da Motta, Judge of First Instance in civil, commercial, labor and Family and Family Violence matters; Guillermo Beresovski, … Read more