Defense College receives award for “Excellence” by the US

The National Defense College (CDN), which functions as a postgraduate center for the Honduran Armed Forces (AF.AA.), received the “Excellence” award in the institutional category for the year 2022, awarded by the Center for Studies Hemispheric “William J. Perry”, from the United States of America. The award was presented at a special ceremony held in … Read more


During a ceremony held this Friday morning on the air base 702 of Avord, the School of transport aviation (EAT) “Captain Jean d’Artigues” presented their transport pilot license to sixteen trainees who came there complete their training for a year. The ceremony, which was attended by many family members and friends of the young pilots, … Read more

Energy Defense Council, coal


6:40 p.m., September 1, 2022 1 – Energy: Macron convenes a defense council… Usually, the Defense and National Security Council (CDSN), as its name suggests, is devoted to military or security issues. In 2020, its scope, against the backdrop of the Covid crisis, had been extended to health issues. With international tensions and the energy … Read more

Defense of Nikolas Cruz asks to see “the person” to avoid the death penalty


Fort Lauderdale (USA), 22 Aug. The defense of Nikolas Cruz, the confessed author of the 2018 massacre of 17 people in a high school in South Florida (USA), asked the jury on Monday to see “the person behind the crime” and pointed out that there are mitigating factors that justify not condemning the 23-year-old to … Read more

They investigate the Minister of Defense of Peru for traveling with his daughters on a military plane


The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation of Defense Minister José Gavidia, after it was revealed that he traveled with his daughters on a military plane. “The National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, has ordered the initiation of a preliminary investigation against Defense Minister José Gavidia, for the alleged commission of the crime of Embezzlement of Use”The … Read more

From the first ghetto to the defense of the race, the story of a long persecution


It was 1555 when the Pope established the Jewish ghetto of Rome. Almost four hundred years later the Jews were expelled from society and exterminated in the concentration camps by Nazi-fascism. Women, men, children and the elderly condemned by racial hatred On 12 July 1555, less than two months after his ascension to the papal … Read more

VIDEO: Chief Defense Staff believes that the NATO summit will leave “relevant changes” and will see Russia as a “threat”

The Chief of the Defense Staff, Teodoro Esteban López, has been convinced that the summit that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will hold on June 29 and 30 in Madrid is going to leave very relevant changes, in line with the upheaval caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He believes that in the new … Read more

Massive mobilization in defense of children, teachers and public education

The Plaza San Martín was filled with overalls that arrived in groups from all over the city, holding a huge rally at the Government headquarters to demand the care of children, demand the immediate clarification of the fact and embrace the teachers who day after day day they build the public school. The call arose … Read more