Teacher card denied to a precarious girl for 5 years, the Court of Trani assigns him 2,500 euros. Anief: falls within the “recognition of the pre

The substitute teacher must be assigned the “Teacher card” and the relative bonus of 500 euros for each school year in which he worked: if it is a matter of five years of substitute work, then the reimbursement will be equal to 2,500 euros. This was confirmed by the Trani Labor Court examining the appeal … Read more

The school that denied enrollment to children with disabilities announced that it will close its doors

The institution located in the district of Pilar, province of Buenos Aires, stated in a statement to which it agreed Ambit that The closure comes after the authorities of the undersecretary began a summary to investigate different irregularities, among which are the non-enrollment of 8 children with disabilities due to alleged discriminatory intent. In addition, … Read more

RIGHT DENIED from 2020 to 43 candidates awaiting the managerial role in Campania

Here is the letter received in the editorial office: To write we are 43 candidates waiting for the managerial role as winners of thecompetition for school leaders Campania 2011. We participated in the competition in2011 and we were included in the general merit ranking on 01/04/2021 by effectof the sentence of the Council of State … Read more

Students to school on the bus, “discount” denied


PANDINO – «We do not believe it is correct to make public money available to a company that is essentially private and therefore works in competition with others. We also believe that this choice, already adopted by the other Municipalities, could incur an intervention by the Antitrust Authority. Finally, with what criteria is a bonus … Read more

Jury’s request: The Bar Association denied having given its support to the prosecutor Arramberri | apfdigital.com.ar


Paraná, Aug 21 (APFDigital) – The authorities of the Entre Ríos Bar Association issued a statement clarifying that they did not provide their support to prosecutor Ignacio Arramberri, who was recently denounced before the province’s Jury of Prosecution for alleged poor performance in his duties, in the framework of his testimonial statement in … Read more

The summer camp was denied to a girl with a very serious disability: there are no nurses to assist her


The father makes a complaint against unknown persons, but the responsibilities are clear. Home assistance is also denied at home. It happens in Lombardy Roberta is a 6-year-old girl who has a very serious disability. It must be assisted 24 hours a day. You have the right to be assisted by specialized personnel at home, … Read more

Margot Sikabonyi and Bocche useless, a film about denied femininity that we need now (more than ever)


Margot Sikabonyi and the starring role in Useless mouths; a film that tells the horror of the Shoah experienced by women, stripped of their femininity and humanity. A life in the making, in which every piece of existence changes: from an incompatible piece, to an ideal shape to reach your own equilibrium and center in … Read more