The new “green uniforms” for the Dalmine Foundation? The schools design them

Bergamo. From the design to the creation of the new uniforms of the Dalmine Foundation staff. This is the challenge contained in the new project UNIFORM. Dalmine Foundation dressessustainable designed by Dalmine Foundation and RadiciGroup in collaboration with Confindustria Bergamo, Confindustria Brescia and DKB sport which leaves on Thursday 29 September at 9.30. Two schools … Read more

Who is Gloria Chiocci, the under 30 who teaches the User Experience Design to students

Forbes magazine has included her in the list of the most influential under 30s in Italy, yet Gloria Chiocci, just 30 years old, is not at all. La di lei is a story of sacrifice, commitment and passion. The same passion that led her to found UXforkids, a project that aims to stimulate the learning … Read more

Open to the city, the School of Arts and Design is strengthening its offer of internships and public courses


A… An eclectic proposal “This is one of the fundamental missions of artistic schools”, recalls Jean-François Dumont, the director of the structure, about these sessions open to all, and long nicknamed “evening classes”. “This openness to the outside public is really part of our establishment objectives”, continues the director who intends to promote “amateur practices”. … Read more

Felix Ohswald: “I want to design the school of the future”


“Nelson Mandela once said,” Education is the most powerful tool to change the world. “And I deeply believe in it. What we learn affects our lives. Education fights inequality and builds a more just world. . I fight to make this possible for everyone thanks to technology “. Here is Felix Ohswald thought that he … Read more

Technological education in all primary school classes: a design example

Another education on which we convey our commitment, within the projects, which we are dedicating to every order and level and which will lead us on this path, is the technological one, in a particular moment in the history of our time; time in which technology has held us by the hand in these two … Read more

Where to throw?, design and waste management join forces


Valencia World Design Capital 2022 and the Metropolitan Entity for Waste Treatment of Valencia have today presented an awareness campaign on waste management. The Metropolitan Entity for Waste Treatment of Valencia, Emtre, and Valencia World Design Capital have joined forces with the aim of raising awareness about the fundamental role that the correct treatment of … Read more

Italian in the classroom before primary school: download a design example

Communication in the mother tongue, in the Italian language, therefore, even more so in class Before primary school (the complex debut in the long path of school and, subsequently, of the university, is the ability to express and interpret concepts, thoughts , feelings, facts and opinions in both oral and written form (listening comprehension, speaking, … Read more

Design for kindergarten: download the declination of the first three key competences with respect to the fields of experience

Pending the start of the school year, we are kicking off a series of articles aimed at giving life to the preparatory phase of each beginning of the year, characterized by a renewed attention to educational-didactic-training planning. Starting, right, from the kindergarten. An articulated journey that will also give voice to the many experiences already … Read more

The College of Architects proposed to hold a contest to have a uniform design for the decks


With strong criticism of the government’s project to regulate the gastronomic deckthe College of Architects District IX of the Province of Buenos Aires proposed to the Deliberative Council the realization of a architectural competition to define a uniform design of the structuresaiming to prioritize the relevance of public space. In a report signed by President … Read more

They design a free book with augmented reality in Aguascalientes


In order to promote an interactive education, in the current state administration, through the Institute of Education of Aguascalientes, the free textbook was designed for students in the third grade of primary school, Aguascalientes, the entity where I livewhich has the innovation of augmented reality. It should be noted that this entity is the first … Read more