Severe disability and right to school, the appeal presented by Roberta’s family is rejected

The family ordered to pay the legal costs Roberta is 6 years old and is affected by a rare disease, campomelic acampomelic dysplasia, a disease that causes a very severe disability. Roberta has need continuous and constant assistance and to comply with his right to attend primary school it is necessary for the school to … Read more

On Wednesday they will hold a conference in La Plata on rights, disability and inclusive city

They will hold a conference in La Plata in which they will seek to “systematize the most urgent problems experienced by people with disabilities” in our city, to “build a collective work agenda for 2023”. It is an activity organized by INADI and scheduled for Wednesday, December 21 at 5:30 p.m. in Pasaje Dardo Rocha, … Read more

Participates IEMS in Congress on Disability

Since 2016, the Instituto de Educación Media Superior de la Ciudad de México (IEMS) has strengthened itself as an educational option for deaf or hearing impaired students at the “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” campus, located in the Iztacalco mayor’s office. During the International Congress “Disability, compliance with international commitments… towards the effective guarantee of human rights”, … Read more

More than 140 films from around the world participate in the XV edition of the International Film Festival on Disability

On Saturday, November 26, the Awards Ceremony Gala will be held Manuel Manquiña and ‘El Langui’, nominated for best actor . The director Imanol Uribe, the actor José Coronado and the screenwriter Alfonso Albacete, among others, are part of the jury The Collado Villalba Film Festival on Disability, organized by the ANADE … Read more

Amalia Granata promotes “education on disability issues in public and private establishments”


In view of the fact that “it is the responsibility of this Legislature to establish the guidelines of a new educational State policy (article 55, paragraph 6 of the Provincial Constitution) focused on the inalienable dignity of each human person that provides for its development, despite the accidental difficulties of each one”, the deputy Amalia … Read more

Civil disability: new automated recalculation process of suspended attendance allowances


Civil invalidity: with the publication of message no. 4315 of 30 November 2022 INPS communicated thelaunch of the centralized automated recalculation process for the 2021/2022 school yearas regards the suspended attendance allowances. The aforementioned INPS messagein particular, which was drawn up by the Social Inclusion and Civil Invalidity Central Management, the Technology, Information Technology and … Read more

Disability, Lombardy approves regional law on independent living and social inclusion


The provision is aimed at people with disabilities over the age of 14, holders of civil disability of not less than 46%. An initial funding of two million euros is foreseen for the next two years. Now the whole assistance network to be reorganized The Lombardy Regional Council has unanimously approved a law promoting the … Read more

Cerebral palsy: Marginalized at school because of her disability, she embarks on entrepreneurship


information item Author, Alassane Dia Role, BBC Africa journalist 3 hours ago image caption, Mariama Dia poses proudly in front of her products Mariama, a 21-year-old girl, interrupted her studies because of the stigma around her disability to start vocational training in agribusiness. She started a small business processing local products with the support of … Read more

More than 140 films from around the world participate in the XV edition of the Collado Villalba International Disability Film Festival


The Disability Film Festival Collado Villalba, organized by Fundación ANADE, celebrates its fifteenth edition, to which 142 films from all over Spain and countries such as France, Canada, Russia, Iran, India, Portugal, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Luxembourg have been presented. Documentary films and short films that show social, family and work relationships, love, joy, … Read more

Disability: the Minister of National Education heckles the right to ordinary school


“IIt must be recognized that not all children can be in an ordinary environment. » The remarks of the Minister of National Education in front of senators, on November 8, caused a strong reaction from associations of disabled people. the “slippage” pointed out by the CNCPH led Pap Ndiaye to rectify the situation. But the … Read more