Story of Michael Oher, the person who inspired the movie “A Possible Dream”

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Blog | Abuse, when children dream of becoming “orc hunters”

Rosella Quattrocchi she is a social worker who has been dealing with discomfort in Modena for about twenty years. We reached her at Mondadori in the center of Catania – a stone’s throw from Massimo Bellini, the opera house – on the sidelines of one of the presentations of her latest book, “The Orc Hunter“, … Read more

Full time at school: a dream of over 12 billion euros shared by various political forces


The countdown to the start of the 2022-23 school year is now over, while the electoral campaign comes to life. Full time in primary school for all children is one of the goals in the electoral agenda of several political forces. Specifically, Action and Italia Viva propose its generalization, the PD its strengthening, bringing the … Read more

Vesuvian Villas Festival. Silvia Siravo in Life is a dream


-Silvia Siravo will be Rosaura in Life is a Dream by Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Friday 2 and Saturday 3 September at the Festival of the Vesuvian Villas – Project 700 (Exedra of the Villa Campolieto h.21). The show – the national premiere – sees on stage with Silvia Siravo: Mariano Rigillo, Angelo Tosto, … Read more

Wilacota: neighbors fight loteadores for the dream of a school


The residents of the Rosas de Wilacota area, in the southern area of ​​La Paz, managed to allocate a 1,200-square-meter plot of land for the construction of an “inclusive” school, where children with disabilities can also study. To fulfill this dream, the residents of this neighborhood must fight against the lotters. In 2019 they got … Read more

Pure rock, three brothers from San Juan wrote their own song and dream of continuing to add experience


Friday, August 26, 2022 16:25 Andrea Cabezas and Carlos Heredia are two fans of rock and roll, they have always listened to this music at home and their children grew up embracing this culture. Lisandro Heredia is 15 years old, Miqueas 14 and Ivo Heredia 10 and they decided to start a band that takes … Read more

Camogli and a school in Burkina Faso; Clementina’s dream has come true


For a few days, Mankenda Kumonidioko has been present in our territory for everyone simply Clementina. Many of her know her for her bond with Renzo Bez, an unforgettable musician and teacher capable of attracting the affection and esteem of many friends, collaborators, colleagues, students and former students. Dozens and dozens of people who supported … Read more

‘The Falcons’: a novel about immigration beyond the American dream


Ana Falcón, along with her husband Lucho and their two young children, fled Peru’s economic and political struggle for a new life in New York City in the 1990s. However, as an undocumented immigrant your opportunities are reduced. Before long, Ana finds herself in debt to a moneylender who calls herself Mama, and her long … Read more

Laury Thilleman sets fire to the Web in a bikini, she reveals her dream body!


Laury Thilleman, two months after the official announcement of her divorce with Juan Arbelaez, returned to her native land in Brittany. Originally from Brest, the former Miss France left with a friend on a van trip on the roads of Brittany. Armed with their boards, the two women took advantage of the waves on the … Read more