“I couldn’t accept that the boys dropped out.” Who is the director who reversed school dropout in a town of 3000 inhabitants

In December 2017, during the end-of-year ceremony at the Instituto Superior Estrada -located in Santa Teresa, province of Santa Fe-, the director of the school named the students who were finishing high school at that time. He for the first time also mentioned, one by one, all the classmates who had dropped out of school … Read more

“The ratio has dropped, but there are classrooms with 30 students in Secondary”


The Confederation of Ampa Gonzalo Anaya, which represents more than 1,000 associations of fathers and mothers from all over the Valencian Community, has today presented its claims for the new educational year which starts next Monday at all levels. They did it this Thursday, when the Ministry of Education proposed to start classes, but the … Read more

Looking back at young people who dropped out of school: Fundación EBC


For look back at the 1.4 million young people who dropped out of college during the pandemic, the Foundation of the Banking and Commercial School (FEBC) carries out a campaign to support them so that they can finish their studies. Pilar Morales García, General Director of the FEBCspoke in exclusive with Chronicle and revealed that … Read more