Prefabricated modular architecture: characteristics and applications of the dry construction system |

(by R. Petruzzelli) There prefabrication is the general term by which we refer to any component manufactured in a different place from the last placement site. With reference to the building sector, it means the off-site construction of building elements, building components and / or subsystems of buildings. These forged in the factory, in a … Read more

Air quality in schools. Do we only ventilate? |

(by L. Busa) The dramatic period experienced (and suffered) by the international community starting from 2020 until the end of 2021 and beyond, caused by the almost ubiquitous spread of Covid-19, has first of all focused attention on possible immediate emergency solutions (gloves, masks, spacing, sanitizers, etc.) capable of temporarily stopping the various waves of … Read more

RTV fire prevention closures for civil buildings: what changes with the new update |


(by F. Battistini) With the DM 30 March 2022 the fire prevention technical standards for the closures of civil buildings. The technical annex to this decree constitutes an integral part of the Fire Prevention Code and applies to existing civil buildings at the date of entry into force of the decree or those of new … Read more