School. Smartphone, the challenge of educating from high school to primary school

Smartphone at school, yes or no? Why it is important to promote an alliance between school and families -. Smartphone at school, yes or no? The decision of the rector of the Malpighi High School in Bologna, Elena Ugolini, to requisition cell phones from students and teachers during the morning at school is arousing heated … Read more

The Padre Dehon school and MIAC come together for an innovative teaching with: The art of educating

On Saturday, September 10, the Padre Dehon school held presentations on education under the motto: by three leaders in the field of education The event was very well received and the center’s auditorium welcomed about 100 peoplewhich included, of course, members of the center, MIAC organizerscollaborators such as members of CAPAZ NoveldaWhat Raul Martinez and … Read more

Prato educating community, a call from the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation to tackle early school leaving | TV Prato

Prato educating community is the title-objective of the special call that the Cassa di Risparmio di Prato Foundation will launch, by next April 30, with the aim of helping to tackle educational poverty, a great challenge on which the future of many, too many, young people depends and which now more than ever, also due … Read more

Prato Educating community, the Foundation has chosen the two winning projects | TV Prato


A great mobilization – which saw dozens of associations, third sector bodies, schools, cultural institutions as protagonists – characterized the response to the special call for educational community Prato of the Cassa di Risparmio di Prato Foundation. On the basis of a careful analysis and taking into account the opinion of the evaluation commission, the … Read more

The disco “closed for rudeness” and the appeal to authority: «Recover the educating function. Adults risk staying and watching “


We receive and publish «The appeal to the authority» of Piera Bagnusteacher and pedagogist from Varese, after the Village disco in Varese closed for «rudeness of young customers“. A signal given by the owner, who caught the attention of local and national news. From here the reflection of the professor, which we propose in full: … Read more

Ius scholae, Flc Cgil: the educating community take the field


In Parliament there is a clash over Ius scholaea provision with which we would like to regularize the position of many foreign children in our schools (the question would affect about 850 thousand pupils), giving them the opportunity to obtain Italian citizenship under the following conditions: such little pupils must be entered Italy within 12 … Read more

Valdespartera TV, another way of learning and educating


Using the textbook as a pedagogical resource for support and consultation and not as a privileged support, almost the only one, for school learning is not an easy decision. There are many obstacles to overcome. Miriam Martinteacher of Public School of Infant and Primary Education Valdesparterain Zaragoza, is comforted when observing the way of learning, … Read more

Educating for pride from games, roles and school is essential for a more inclusive society


On International LGBTIQ+ Pride Day, clinical and educational sexologist Analía Lilian Pereyra offers us a reflection. This article is in line with the Principles campaign that Grupo Atlántida faces, this time the theme chosen is #AndarLibres. On June 28, 1969, in a small bar in New York City called Stonewallinn, the police broke into the … Read more

Dispersion: without educating communities, the 500 million of the NRP will not solve the problem

The Ministry of Education, with decree 170 of 24 June, divided the first 500 million envisaged by the NRP for actions to combat early school leaving and educational poverty among the regions and schools, in implementation of the investment line 1.4 which allocates a total of € 1.5 billion for this purpose. 51.16% of the … Read more