Directors of 18 schools in San Juan and Nauta present Educational Experiences

Transforming the adolescent experience in high school. Secondary school in the country still presents persistent traits of an authoritarian school culture, that is, many times, it becomes only a space for the transmission of knowledge where there are few opportunities for adolescents to express themselves, with ideas and proposals from their thinking and feeling and … Read more

10 educational guidance tips for kids and parents | Save the Children Italy

As the deadline for enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year, doubts and uncertainties are also growing for such an important decision to make. In this rite of passage, school orientation it is useful to accompany students in the choice of a school and a field of study in line with the different potentials, ambitions, talents … Read more

Column by Alejandra Sepúlveda: Educational reactivation now!


The new figures released by the Ministry of Education this month confirm the enormous educational crisis we are facing in Chile. A self-fulfilling prophecy, after 71 weeks of the massive closure of nurseries, kindergartens and schools as a result of the pandemic, which exacerbated pre-emergency vulnerabilities. Indeed, according to the recent balance, more than 50,000 … Read more

Article: For Entertaining And Educational Holidays! We launched the Summer Plan with music, sports, cultural and educational workshops in the 16 regions of the country


The initiative is carried out within the framework of the Educational Reactivation Plan of the Ministry of Education and brings together activities in more than 500 establishments in 225 communes, which aim to create spaces to enrich learning and promote the personal and socio-emotional development of students, such as: Junaeb’s Activate Program; municipal summer schools … Read more

To combat dispersion, a concrete educational proposal is needed


In Italian schools, the level of early school leaving remains high and, according to the Repubblica survey, there are seventy thousand adolescents borderline which, at an educational level, despite extensive renewal efforts, show results that do not fully meet expectations. Many students at school are bored, find it difficult to integrate, to reflect on their … Read more

Pisa 2023. Paolo Martinelli focuses on the “contrast of educational poverty”

The centre-left candidate intervenes on the growth of child poverty, also in Pisa and on the funding returned by the municipal administration Report the press release of Paolo Martinelli. “There is one figure that should be carved in stone and placed at the center of this electoral campaign and it is 1,219: it is the … Read more

Contrasting educational poverty, protocol between Rotary, schools and associations in Palermo (PHOTO)


Cooperate, with a view to mutual collaboration, intertwining human and professional relationships for the fight against educational poverty and at the same time implement training action through the valorisation of experiences of a network made up of several subjects. The Memorandum of Understanding in Palermo Today the Rotary Club Palermotogether with other associations, has signed … Read more

UGT denounces that there are 100 unfilled positions in educational centers in Córdoba


More than a hundred people, including trade union representatives from UGT Public services and workers of the elderly residence Figueroa Park and the Parque Figueroa Nursery School have gathered this Tuesday at the gates of these centers demanding that the Junta de Andalucía the coverage of the vacancies of the centers dependent on the provincial … Read more

Welfare, Family Policies, Integration and Reception Policies, Social Welfare, Schools and Educational Offers, Civil Service and Associations: let’s take stock with Councilor Marta Jerovante

Home News Welfare, Family Policies, Integration and Reception Policies, Social Welfare, Schools and Educational Offers, Civil Service and Associations: let’s take stock with Councilor Marta Jerovante As we approach the end of the year and also the expiry of the administrative mandate of the Giunta Nisi, let’s take stock of the state of implementation of … Read more