La Libertad: school suspends classes after damage caused during the 2022 Elections

School presents damages in its infrastructure caused during the Elections. Photo: Ombudsman The Ombudsman in La Libertad reported that an educational center is in poor condition after the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections. This time, the facilities of the Educational Institution Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza from the Marcabal district, located in the province of Sánchez … Read more

Elections 2022, Giuliani: “Next Education Minister? I hope for a broad

The political elections 2022 took place yesterday, September 25th. To comment on the outcome, discussing the prospects that are configured for the world of schoolwas the director of the School technique Alessandro Giulianiduring the usual appointment with the director’s corner at Radio Cusano Campus. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Our director first made a purely political … Read more

School elections and electronic voting: where are we?


With each new school year, more and more parents are surprised that school elections are still held “the old way”! “It would be so much easier to vote in school elections with our phone. Yes, but there are still many obstacles before electronic voting is fully operational: security and confidentiality of data, anonymity of the … Read more

Blog | In the elections I will vote blank: I don’t trust anyone. Especially on the school


And the elections arrived. Of course, anticipate. Fantozzi who felt very much his right and duty to citizen participated as always in uncertainty, indecision and fear of making mistakes, once again. He then began to read everything, from the extreme right to the extreme left … Then he said he was ill and shut himself … Read more

Catania and its visible decline. Analysis of the present and opportunities for rebirth ”Elections. The document


With a document addressed to all the political forces involved in the regional and national electoral race, the CGIL of Catania summarizes some priorities necessary for the relaunch of the city, launching “a first request to listen to all candidates”. To sign the note that sees as the first signatory the general secretary of the … Read more

Elections. Young people, school & environment: more relief, more sports, more trees


from Renato Benedetto The recipes of the parties to win over the voters: decontribution to the under 35 and easier mortgages for couples in the Berlusconi-Salvini-Meloni program. From the Democratic Party comes the dowry in money for 18-year-olds and the vote for 16-year-olds. Calenda-Renzi: one year of school less. Conte does not retreat: off to … Read more

Elections 2022 and school: precarious work, salaries, construction, pensions. The programs of the parties in comparison. UPDATED WITH ITALEXIT

The political clash for the 2022 electoral campaign gets to the heart. Elections scheduled for 25 September. School is one of the topics on which the political clash has been in full swing for a few weeks. Let’s compare the programs of the parties. Italexit School staff and salaries Recruitment and Wage Improvement Program. Salaries … Read more

Justice validates the 2019 elections of the College of Dentists of Seville that Luis Cáceres won


The Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia has revoked the decision of the Contentious-Administrative Court number four of Seville to annul the elections of the Official College of Dentists of Seville held on the 25th of January 2019 and the proclamation of the elected candidacy of Luis Cáceres. Therefore, the Andalusian High Court has validated … Read more

2023: Ceni and Monusco committed to peaceful elections


Decryption On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Democracy, the 15th in the history of the United Nations, the director of the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office, Abdoul Aziz Thioye, gave a mixed assessment of democracy in the DRC, characterized, of course, by some progress, as he himself acknowledged. He … Read more