Educational establishments participated in a conference on emotions and school coexistence at Campus San Felipe

Community managers of school coexistence, teachers and psychosocial pairs from different public educational establishments of the Aconcagua Valley participated in the conference “The challenge of strengthening the emotional dimension at school in times of pandemic”, which was held in the San Felipe Campus of the University of Playa Ancha, and which was organized in conjunction … Read more

The “Close to you …” project at the Orange Grove between emotions, meetings and cineforum

Since last November, the dissemination, training and listening actions called “The community that educates the community” within the framework of the project activities “Close to you… Proximity strategies to combat child educational poverty”sponsored by Calabrian Center of Solidarity and selected by the social enterprise Con i Bambini as part of the Fund for the fight … Read more

Ajaccio: the British and Irish film festival promises an edition rich in emotions


” XXL dream “. This is what the 13 promisesth edition of the British and Irish film festival Under My Screen which takes place in Ajaccio from November 26th to December 4th. After two years of slowing down, the team announces a completely renewed new edition. “ Since the Covid we had a somewhat reduced … Read more

Music and emotions with Comasia Nitti, author of “Beyond the dark”


Advertisements Music and emotions with Comasia Nitti author of “Beyond the dark” Advertisements Always so much public every time the author Comasia Nitti presents her works to the public. It also happened in recent days on the occasion of the presentation of his poetry collection “Beyond the dark”. It was the second presentation in less … Read more

Asl Vercelli. The Report ‘Emotions and lifestyles’: the research conducted on 2,700 students

A survey to photograph the situation of Vercelli children after the lockdown: at the end of High Schools 1 out of 3 boys smokes tobacco, almost half had a drunk episode in the last year and 1 in 10 consumes illicit substances, such as hashish and marijuana. Half of the students spend at least 2 … Read more

Rescues and boarding in the rain, a day of emotions


The rain aggravates the difficulty of the operations, but the bad weather does not stop the Civil Protection on the second day of the national exercise Sisma dello Stetto. Today the activities have entered the living heart of the disaster with the simulation of the different crisis scenarios between the provinces of Reggio and Messina. … Read more

Lattarico, inauguration of the Contessa Primary School: satisfactions and emotions


Today for Lattarico, especially for the families residing in Contessa and surroundings, was a very special day full of emotions After the bureaucratic delays also due to the pandemic, the Contessa Primary School has become a reality and from today it is at the service of the Montalto Uffugo – Lattarico – Rota Greca – … Read more

The workshop ‘Women, Plants and Emotions’, among the proposals of Equality

The Councilor for Social Policies and Equality, María José Pulido, presented this morning the comprehensive package of actions that the Huelva City Council will develop until next December in terms of awareness, training and citizen participation to promote equality in the capital of Huelva. A program that, as the delegate of this municipal area has … Read more

Within the school of Thuit de l’Oison, a room to return to calm to manage your emotions


By Mathilde Notebook Published on 12 Oct 22 at 12:06 The Eure Courier See my news Follow this media The self-regulation room of the Thuit de l’Oison school is open. ©Mathilde Carnet It is in the old library, at the end of the courtyard of the George-Charpak primary school, that the self-regulation room has been … Read more

The “Emotions” in kindergarten: the identification of moods in a project

“Emotions – writes Elmer in a valuable article – influence more than you can imagine: motivation, learning, decision-making, connection and much more” even if, sometimes, during some great challenges, emotions can seem more of a burden. what a blessing. Emotions in themselves can be powerful and in fact they really are especially in early childhood, … Read more