Increase in class hours in schools will be to teach English

The measure of the schools is to solve competition debts in students that were caused by the pandemic The increase in class hours in the private schoolswhich will go from 25 to 30 each week, will help students, mainly in kindergarten and basic education, receive English classes, which will allow them to reach high school … Read more

The Soviet school, the drugs, the English: so death came on the routine flight

Investigations to ascertain the causes of a plane crash they are always difficult. Many factors at play, a lot of uncertainty, few tools. One of the most delicate investigations in the history of civil aviation was certainly the one to establish the dynamics of the tragedy Crossair flight 498passenger flight departing from Zurich, Switzerland, bound … Read more

Installed in the Gard, Bill Homewood, the English artist who wanted to become French


The British actor and poet lives in Sauve and teaches in Montpellier. British actor and poet Bill Homewood is a French citizen. The naturalization was recorded by decree and published in the Official Journal on November 17th. It’s a childhood dream come true. “I have always felt more French than English. My father loved France, … Read more

“To be or not to be”. English Literature at the Faculty of Education of Segovia | The Adelantado of Segovia


English Literature Group. The desire to introduce the Mention in English at the Segovia Faculty of Education has come true this academic year. One of the subjects included in the itinerary is English literature, in the fourth year of the Degree in Primary Education and that the next course will also be offered for the … Read more

What are the 5 movies that can help you practice your English


It is the language and the most spoken language worldwide, and therefore the one that offers the greatest opportunities to work abroad. To learn English it requires concentration, and it is not so complicated if mechanisms are used that at the same time tend to be entertaining. Listening is considered one of the English skills … Read more

Different ethnic groups and religions: the English school against Christian indoctrination


Rome, 7th December – A few days ago we were talking about the British census which sanctioned how the ethnic and religious identity of England and Wales has changed. The result of the census was in fact that less than half of the population identifies with belonging to the Christian confession. In some localities, the … Read more

20% of students eligible for school in French prefer school in English in N.B.


Of the 37,215 students aged 5 to 17 who are entitled to school in French in New Brunswick, 29,980 follow a regular program in French. This represents 81% of students. So 19% of students who have the right to attend school in French attend school in English instead. Elsewhere in the Atlantic, the proportion of … Read more

Law 21 | English school boards make their voices heard in the Court of Appeal


(Montreal) It was the turn, on Wednesday, of opponents to Bill 21, in this case the English school boards, to come and defend the portion of the judgment of the Superior Court which allows them to avoid it. Posted at 2:24 p.m. Pierre Saint-Arnaud The Canadian Press Judge Marc-André Blanchard, in the first instance, had … Read more

Quebec wants to bring English school boards back under Bill 21


It was a pivotal moment on Tuesday for the Quebec government, which tried to convince the Court of Appeal to restore the biggest piece torn from Bill 21 by the courts: the exemption granted to English school boards. The State Secularism Act — commonly known as Law 21 — was adopted in controversy in 2019 … Read more